SM Dang Women’s Influence Underwear Novels

SM Dang Women's Influence Underwear Novels


In modern fast -paced life, the girls are gradually aware of the importance of sex, and the appearance of sexy underwear makes them feel the infinite potential of their charm.The next novel will bring you the story of a mature and sexy SM swing girl, and will also interpret everything that happens to her underwear on her.

Chapter 1 Wedding Set

One night before the wedding, the chastity Alice was surprised to find a set of fun sets of lace white see -through underwear+black stockings on the wedding bed.This seemingly contradictory combination made her heart a little mess.

Chapter 2 Gift Night

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In the evening after the wedding, Alice has become a "swing girl" of enthusiastic and open.She was still wearing the sexy lingerie and opened a new wedding night with the groom in bed.The perspective effect of underwear, plus the sexy of the net socks, makes her body mysterious and attractive.

Chapter 3 Victoria Girl

After a period of time with the groom, Alice began to try different sexy underwear. There are Victorian girl -style purple lace corsets, high -waisted shorts combinations, and black leather underwear.At this time, she had completely got rid of her inner shyness, and she enjoyed the pleasure brought by sex and liberating her process.

Chapter 4 Dyeing SM

After a long time of exploration, Alice began to try SM sex underwear. Among them, black bandage underwear, gong hot underwear, handcuffed lace underwear, etc. have all become her favorite.She enjoys the thrill of restraint and palms, and gradually becomes an intellectual SM daughter.

Chapter 5 Role Playing

But life always needs new stimuli, so she started to try various role -playing.The fishermen, truck drivers, doctors, police, etc. of the yellow pier company, these role -playing, brought her a different interest experience to her and the groom’s life.

Chapter 6 Private Dating

In addition to opening sex, sexy underwear also appears in daily life. When Alice and the groom are dating, she will wear red lace vests and black shorts. This little careful thinking makes her more attractive.

Thigh High

Chapter 7 Violent Aesthetics

After many years, Alice began to try new styles.She tried to combine sexy underwear with violent aesthetics to experience more domineering.For example, black combined underwear+black leather clothes, black leather chain underwear, etc., the independence and coldness deep inside, pour out in this way.

Chapter 8 Details Sentence

After entering middle age, Alice feels the fleeting youth, and knows more about the detail experience brought by the sexy lingerie.She likes pure colors, exquisite materials, and cut -off underwear, and everything is perfect.This sense of detail has made her widely praised in the top market of sexy underwear.

Chapter 9 Memories and Outlook

Recalling the past, Alice felt that she had transformed from a shy girl to a domineering and charming SM swing girl, and sexy underwear was the most important element she had.Looking forward to the future, she still has many new possibilities, with more perfect craftsmanship and bold passion to find her own internal and sexual stimulus.

in conclusion

The erotic underwear has changed Alice’s life and self -knowledge well. It has brought her a new life experience, so that her confidence and female charm can be better showed.Modern women should learn and learn from Alice’s experience, release themselves through erotic underwear, and express women’s charm.