Slave Feng sexy underwear

Slave Feng sexy underwear

Slave Feng sexy underwear

Slavey and sexy underwear are a type of sexy underwear. The design and style of them are mainly inspired by the ancient slave owners and slaves.This underwear uses many different materials, traditional decoration and embroidery technology from Europe and China, as well as modern densely weaving and tailoring.In this article, I will introduce the characteristics, styles, applications, and how to maintain this underwear.

The characteristics of slave Feng erotic underwear

Basically, slaves and sexy underwear usually uses a customized design to ensure perfect fit and comfort.Its style is mainly characterized by exquisite, refined, unique and a little mysterious.The design theme involves many ancient elements, such as the decorative patterns of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, and it is more common to absorb inspiration from traditional Japanese and Chinese costumes.The materials of the underwear may include fixed copper, leather, silk, feathers, birds, etc., as well as metal jewelry of various sizes and shapes.

Style of slaves and sexy underwear

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In intuitive, the style of slave Feng’s sexy underwear is usually more complicated, which is different from traditional sexy underwear. Generally, it includes cups, conjoined swimsuits, vests, tight T -shirts, suspenders, open crotch panties, etc. These styles are simple.Easy to wear.Some styles are also equipped with a variety of elements such as lace, mesh, lines, and metals for decoration to add some mystery and sexy.


Slave and sexy underwear is usually worn by sexy, bold and brave women.These women like to show themselves in a unique way, emphasize their sexy side, and can also be used to satisfy their dream so that they can better express themselves.Slave and sexy underwear is usually used with other interesting accessories, such as chains, leather whip, foot, etc., thereby creating a more sexy and exciting atmosphere.

How to maintain slavery and fun underwear

The materials of slaves and sexy underwear are usually quite special, and need some additional attention in maintenance.First, wash according to the label of the underwear.Some materials may not be suitable for machine washing, and they need to be washed and naturally dry.Secondly, try to avoid the use of bleach.Finally, when putting underwear in the drawer, it is best to fold it instead of squeezing together.Fully guarantee the preservation of subjuvenies.

How to choose slaves

For people who do not understand slaves and fun underwear, choosing a underwear that suits them may be a bit difficult.In this case, it is recommended to go to the relevant physical stores to choose experienced salespersons. They can help you choose the most suitable style according to your size and body shape.If you prefer to shop online, application exchanges on the shopping website will be very useful. You can ask the manufacturer or the corporate front desk to ensure that you buy high -quality and appropriate products.


Slave and sexy underwear is a non -traditional type of erotic underwear. It uses many ancient elements and materials, and is known for its complex design and style.The comfort of this underwear usually needs to create a custom style, suitable for sexy, bold and brave women.If you want to maintain this underwear, you must be carried out according to the explanation of the underwear label. When choosing, it is recommended to seek professional salesperson or consult with an enterprise on the Internet in order to buy high -quality products that are suitable for you.