Sitting on his legs directly on the erotic underwear

Sitting on his legs directly on the erotic underwear

Sitting on his legs directly on the erotic underwear

As an eye -catching fashion trend, the market performance of sexy underwear in recent years is very eye -catching.Women can not only meet their aesthetic needs by wearing fun underwear, but also create a more sexy and eye -catching image.However, how should you match the posture of sitting on a man’s leg on your legs to make you more attractive?In this article, we will explain to you in detail a few skills to sit on his legs directly to help you become a more sexy goddess.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Choosing the right sexy lingerie style is a very critical point for your upper leg to sit on the man’s leg.In the process of choosing, you can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your own figure.For example, if you have exquisite small waist and highlighted buttocks, you can choose a suspender or T -style sexy underwear. This sexy underwear can better show your beautiful figure.

Master the skills of wearing sexy underwear

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After choosing a good -looking underwear style, you must master the correct dressing skills.First of all, put on the sexy underwear and adjust your chest and hips to the right position. Be careful not to be too tight or too loose.Secondly, gently pull the underwear in the order of dressing to make it more fit.Finally, adjust the details of the underwear, such as shoulder straps, hook buckles, etc. to ensure comfortable wear.

Straight leg posture

Before sitting on a man’s thigh, women need to adjust their sitting position.First of all, your legs should be brought together straight, and you can shrink your abdomen as much as possible to make the center of gravity stable.Secondly, women can lean back slightly to make their back straight, so that they can show the temperament and confidence of women.Finally, be careful not to squeeze your knees, otherwise you may cause discomfort.

Coordinate the sitting posture of men and women

When men and women are sitting together, different sitting positions will have different presentation effects.When women sit on men’s legs wearing sexy underwear, men need to choose a suitable sitting posture to better present the charm of sexy underwear.Men can open their feet and lean their bodies forward, so that women’s chest and waist are more convex.

Create the atmosphere at the scene

On the right occasion, such as romantic dating and sexual parties, women sit on men’s legs wearing sexy underwear to better release sexy charm.At this time, it is important to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.It can ignite a few candles, play soft music, etc., so that the scene is more suitable for the display of sexy underwear.

Avoid being too expensive

Although sitting on a man’s legs can release a sexy atmosphere, women should also be careful not to be too presumptuous.Excessive posture and words may affect the feelings of others, and even bother them.Therefore, while showing sexy, we must also pay attention to respecting the feelings of others and maintain a sense of distance.

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Pay attention to the obstruction of the private parts

When wearing a sexy lingerie sitting on a man’s leg, women should pay attention to the obstruction of the private parts.Excessive exposure will be uncomfortable and even lose beauty.Therefore, in the process of sitting position and action, women need to pay attention to the obstruction of the private parts. At the same time, while protecting the private parts, it can show sexy charm.


Sitting on men’s legs in sexy underwear is one of the important gestures for women to release their sexy temperament.In the aspects of choosing a suitable sexy lingerie style, mastering dressing skills, coordinating men and women, avoiding excessive arrogance, attention to the obstruction of private parts, women need a deep understanding and mastery of women.Only in this way can we truly release the charm of women and show their charm in the process of sitting on the legs of men.