Sichun Pavilion’s fun underwear production place is there

Sichun Pavilion's fun underwear production place is there

Sichun Pavilion’s fun underwear production place is there

Interest underwear has always been a popular topic of women’s fashion.With the development of the times, our definition of sexy underwear has gradually changed. It is no longer a simple sexy embodiment, but instead takes it as a comfortable, confident and independent spokesperson.As a well -known internationally renowned sexy underwear brand, Sichun Pavilion has already become the focus of attention of fans.So, where is the production site of Sichun Pavilion’s fun underwear?

Overview of the production site of Sichun Pavilion Incaries

Sichun Pavilion’s fun underwear is derived from Hong Kong, and it has gradually expanded the brand awareness globally.At present, the main producing areas of Sichun Pavilion’s interesting underwear are still mainland China, and production bases are mainly invested in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places.

Guangdong production base

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The Sichun Pavilion underwear production base, located in the hot spring town of Guangdong, was established in 2006. It covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. It is a high -end underwear group that integrates underwear design, production and sales.The production base here has a complete production line, a complete product control system, and a professional designer team.

Zhejiang production base

Sichun Pavilion underwear Zhejiang production base is located on Xizi Hubei Road, Zhuji City. It covers an area of 25 acres and has a modern plant with advanced equipment and a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters.In this area where Zhejiang has produced sexy underwear, it provides sufficient material guarantee for Sichun Pavilion.

Shanghai production base

Sichun Pavilion’s production base in Shanghai covers an area of 15,000 square meters. The environment, quantity, equipment, and level of its factory are at the cutting -edge level of Shanghai. Its management model is also a model of underwear factories in Shanghai.

The development of Sichun Pavilion Instead in China

As the underwear brand, the underwear brand occupies a very wide customer group, and gradually becomes a leading brand in China’s sexy underwear market.

Sichun Pavilion’s production positioning

The production positioning of Sichun Pavilion underwear is mainly to create sexy and romantic women’s underwear. The brand has always adhered to high -quality products, innovative design and high -quality services as the core purpose.It not only meets the fun needs of women, but also creates a more confident, autonomous and independent dressing style for women.

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The design concept of Sichun Pavilion Instead underwear

The design concept of Sichun Pavilion’s underwear comes from fashion information, the inheritance of the fashion museum and the joy of sharing with women.Therefore, on the basis of these factors, designers will in -depth tap people’s potential needs for underwear and seek the best design way to meet market fashion needs.

The market sales of Sichun Pavilion Instead underwear

With the development of the Chinese underwear market, Sichun Pavilion also actively broaden the brand sales channels, continuously launched high -quality products with market competitiveness, and has successfully created an international brand image, and in a large number of specialty stores, brand stores, department storesThe heels, shopping malls, e -commerce platforms, source areas wholesale markets and other stores have stood firm.

Sichun Pavilion’s fun underwear has achieved women’s confidence and independence

Sichun Pavilion underwear integrates women’s sexy and self -confidence concepts, helping women to have a better dressing experience and quality of life. It is a sexy underwear brand dedicated to creating women’s freedom, self -confidence, and independent.It is not only an ordinary sexy underwear brand, but also a brand that leads the fashion trend. It has become a must -have brand for many women’s underwear shopping.

Although the production place of Sichun Pavilion is in China, the brand has become a sign of internationalization.For innovation, technology, and market investment, Sichun Pavilion has comprehensively enhanced the brand’s international influence and makes the underwear market better.