Shen Mengyao’s white color sexy underwear

Shen Mengyao's white color sexy underwear

Shen Mengyao’s white color sexy underwear

Shen Mengyao is a well -known model and has a high popularity and influence in the fashion industry.She recently posted a photo of herself wearing a white sex underwear on social media, which caused a wide range of discussions.This sexy underwear is not only unique, but also expensive.Let’s take a look at the details of this sexy underwear.


The main color of this sexy underwear is white, using a combination of lace and transparent mesh, which is unique and very sexy.Among them, the jacket uses the high -necked and hollow design, exposing the collarbone and shoulder lines, which highlights the beautiful figure of Shen Mengyao.The lower dress uses the skirt design, which is short on the front, the back is long, super sexy and charming.

Suitable object

Boudoir Lace Blindfold – 7676

This sexy underwear is not only suitable for petite -body and exquisite women, but also for women with plump figures.Especially the design of lace, more fits the plump MM body of the cells, making it instantly drunk.

material selection

The material of this sexy underwear is very particular about it. It uses the combination of silk with ultra -thin gauze and high -quality lace. It is breathable, comfortable, and touching. It is very comfortable after putting on and does not produce any itching.

Color choice

White is the main color of this sexy underwear, which shows women’s softness and noble.At the same time, white is also one of the representatives of sexy underwear. It can better show women’s sexy and mysterious. While rendering romantic beauty, it can add a personality and style to make women more attractive.


The price of this sexy underwear is not cheap, but compared with traditional sex underwear, its design technology and materials are more effective. When buying, you should choose this factor.

Way of matching

This sexy underwear is very dazzling, so you should pay attention not to match other bright colors when matching, otherwise it will make the overall image too greasy.It is recommended to pair with black high heels or red lip gloss to add points to the overall image.

Nipple Tassels

Cleaning method

When cleaning this sexy underwear, we should avoid using a washing machine. It is best to use a hand washing. At the same time, the neutral detergent should be used. It should be more detailed when cleaning to prevent damage to the materials and affect the quality and service life.

the way of buying

Although this kind of sexy underwear is sold in major shopping malls, we can still choose to buy on some professional erotic underwear websites, because the products of these websites are richer and priced.Protect our privacy.


Whether it is ordinary underwear, bra, or sexy underwear, wearables should reflect the charm and personality of women. It is also a way for women to show themselves and care for herself.Aesthetics and charm are even more admirable that she is also well matched with this sexy underwear.