Shanghai 2015 Interest Underwear Show

Shanghai 2015 Interest Underwear Show

Pre -match preparation

Shanghai’s 2015 Interest Underwear Show is a highly watched event. The organizer was fully prepared before the game.The layout and sound effects have been carefully adjusted to ensure that each detail is perfect.

Participating brand debut

The participating brands began to appear, first of all, the domestic brand.Although they are younger than European and American brands, designers still focus on the integration of local elements while maintaining innovation.

Choice of European and American brands

Sexy Cat Ears Head Wear – 7653

One of the much attention of the sexy underwear show is the choice of European and American brands.After careful selection by the organizers, these brands have both traditional classics and novel design styles.

Innovative design brings surprise

Each of the entries is full of vitality and innovation. Designers constantly try to integrate different elements and materials together to create a unique sexy underwear.

Sexy -only theme

In the sexy underwear show, sexy has always been the theme.From details to the whole, every underwear shows women’s charming curves and sexy charm.

Model performance

Models are an important part of sexy underwear display. Their figures and temperament have performed underwear on the runway to the fullest.The models participating in this time are the best screened, and their performance is also very good.

Audience’s response

The fun underwear show attracted audiences from all over the world.They are not only to appreciate beautiful underwear and models, but also to feel this charming feast.

Sexy Lingerie

New product disclosure

This sex underwear show is also a new product conference.Each brand discloses their latest products and shows the audience’s differences in details.

Changes in scenes

The sexy lingerie show not only amazing the wonderful design of the underwear itself, but also amazing the continuous changes in the scene.The stage and lighting design brought the audience into an unusual dream space.


Shanghai’s 2015 Fun Underwear Show is an unprecedented visual feast.The rich content and wonderful performance make people immerse in it and reluctant to leave.Interest underwear is not just to simply meet people’s physiological needs, but also a artwork that shows different appearances of women.The sexy underwear show is a process of exploring beauty.