Sexy underwear_onoscopic pants

Sexy underwear_onoscopic pants

Sexy underwear_The Types

Tibbing pants are one of the essential sexy underwear this season.Its design combines ordinary suspenders and T -shaped pants, which can quickly enhance women’s sexy and charm.Women who like suspenders pay more attention to texture and show their sexy fashion and fashion leaders.

Sexy suspender pants

The sexy suspender pants structure design is to display round hips and waist circumference, so it is very suitable for the perfect figure.Their styles include the three -dimensional cutting version of the hips, and the completely exposed shoulder pants on the side.

Sliging pants suitable for Asian women

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The length and fabric material of the suspender pants are different due to the different waist circumference and height of women.Asian women usually have a small body and waist circumference, so they should choose short styles.At the same time, it mainly focuses on soft fibrous materials and good breathability.

Black suspender pants

Black is one of the classic colors of underwear because it can quickly improve the sexy atmosphere of women.Black suspenders is a choice that can quickly enhance women’s beauty and charm, which is also one of the few sexy underwear that is suitable for evening dresses.

Lace camisole

Lace camisole is different from the form of design and fabrics, which is different from ordinary suspenders.They pay more attention to details and texture, often contain rich lace lining, enhancing women’s romance and sweet atmosphere.

Suitable for suspended pants on different occasions

From the party, bar and other nights to the conventional working environment, the camisole provides different choices.For the office, try to choose a dark and loose style to reduce the impact on colleagues.At night, you can choose better materials and loose pants to show more vivid sexy.

Suitable for different skin tone suspenders

People with different skin color should choose camisole that suits their skin tone or contrast.Women with pale skin tone are best to choose yellow or red -tone styles, while women with darker skin should choose light tone or bright colors to brighten the skin color.


Size for suspenders

The size of the camisole pants is a very important issue.When buying, you should choose the size of your body as much as possible, and the size should be as precise as possible.If you are between two sizes, you can try to choose a slightly larger size to ensure better comfort.

Failure treatment of suspenders

Frequent suspenders include zipper damage and elastic failure.If such problems are encountered, it should be repaired in time.The use of some repair skills and handmade skills can deal with many common problems to prolong the life of suspenders.

Maintenance of suspenders

The suspender pants are very luxurious sexy underwear, so the appropriate maintenance method needs to be used.Avoid too densely washing, it is best to wash it with medium friction.Pay special attention when rolling clothes or drying to ensure the integrity of the camisole.


In short, suspenders are one of the very comfortable and sexy sexy underwear, and it is also very practical.When buying, you can choose styles suitable for various occasions and different skin colors to meet your different needs.