Sexy underwear website color

Sexy underwear website color

Sexy underwear website color

When buying sexy underwear online, we often see a variety of "color numbers" display, such as Fuchsia, Magenta, Apricot, etc. What do these words mean?

1. Color principle

The meaning and performance effect of different colors vary from person to person, but in summary, the color can bring emotional, aesthetic feelings and personality characteristics.Red can represent enthusiasm and vitality. Blue can represent calmness, calmness, and yellow can represent happiness, warmth, and so on.Understanding the theory of color allows us to better grasp the meaning of the color number on the sexy underwear website.

2. Black system

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Black is very popular on sexy underwear. Sexy, noble, and elegant is its representative characteristics.In the black system, there are different colors such as dark black, gray black, and metal black. Dark black and gray black suggest the mystery and indifference, while metal black has a certain luster, showing a luxurious feeling.

3. Pink system

Pink represents cute and sweet characteristics in sexy underwear.Light pink has a romantic atmosphere, while warm pink is more lively, and golden pink is more luxurious.Pink is suitable for women who want to show gentle and charming temperament.

4. Red system

The red line represents enthusiasm, dynamics and romance in the fun underwear, and is the color that many women like.The dark red implies the mysterious and mature temperament, while the light red is more fresh, and there are some red reds that combine pink, giving a gentle and charming image.

5. Purple system

Purple is a noble and mysterious feeling in sexy underwear, and the most representative purple hue is also more.The dark purple implies the mystery and mysterious secrets. The light purple is relatively relaxed and pleasant. The purple -red is biased towards gorgeous luxury, while pink purple gives people a fresh and soft feeling.

6. Blue system

The blue line represents freshness, quietness and elegance in sexy underwear, which is why this color is particularly loved by modern women.The dark blue will give people a sense of stability and temperament, while light blue reflects the side of sensuality and tenderness, and purple and blue can represent mysterious or noble.


7. Yellow

The yellow system represents brightness, brightness and vitality in fun underwear, but their comparison is relatively high, which is why we basically do not use yellow in daily necessities.It is not recommended to use yellow systems in the design of sexy underwear, and mild embellishment can also be very good.

8. White system

In the fun underwear, it represents simple, pure and noble, and is the same color welcomed by men.In addition to simple and generous, the white -style erotic underwear design can also show the innocence of women’s heart.

9. Gray system

The gray is calm, quiet, and charming in sexy underwear.Dark gray is relatively stable, light gray is more elegant, while pearly gray can combine the metallic sense perfectly with the light elegant style.

10. Viewpoint

When buying on a sexy underwear website, it is necessary to understand the meaning of different colors. This can better choose suitable underwear and show your own personality and characteristics.Of course, after being familiar with the basic theory of color science, you can innovate the match at will and try more color combinations that belong to your own.