Sexy underwear second -hand photos

Sexy underwear second -hand photos

1. Second -hand sexy underwear transaction

With the replacement of items, various second -hand items trading platforms have become more and more common.Interest underwear has also become one of the trading categories.In some countries, second -hand sexy underwear transactions have been legalized and supervised.

2. Second -hand erotic underwear photos

In second -hand erotic underwear transactions, buyers often need to view the status and style of the items to ensure that they meet their needs.Therefore, sellers need to provide sufficient photos to show the details of sexy underwear.

3. Sellers familiar with sexy underwear

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When providing sexy underwear photos, some sellers often do not have the details of the lingerie, which causes the photos to be taken are not good enough.Therefore, when choosing to buy second -hand sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a seller who is familiar with sexy underwear.

4. Shooting details

When taking sexy underwear photos, you need to pay attention to some details.For example, clothing wrapped chest belt, bottom of the underwear, and hem.Photos in these places allow buyers to better understand the state of love underwear.

5. Show brand and size

Interest underwear has different brands and sizes.When the seller provides photos, it should clearly display the brand and size.This is very important for buyers, because this information can help them ensure that sexy underwear is appropriate.

6. Ensure privacy

When taking pictures, sellers need to pay attention to covering some privacy, such as facial and private parts.Sellers need to ensure that buyers can only see sexy underwear, not any other photos.

7. Buyer attitude

When choosing to buy second -hand erotic underwear, buyers need to pay attention to attitude.They should respect the wishes of the seller, and pay attention to maintaining politeness and friendship.When asking the seller’s information, buyers need to pay attention to their own words to avoid being misunderstood.


8. Cleaning sexy underwear

When buying second -hand erotic underwear, it is recommended that buyers clean up the sexy underwear first.This can ensure personal hygiene and health.The seller should clearly explain the matter before selling.

9. Select a credible platform

When trading the second -hand sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a reliable platform to ensure the security and legitimacy of the transaction.Some well -known online second -hand trading platforms may provide better services and guarantees.

10. Viewpoint

In general, you need to pay attention to some details of trading second -hand sexy underwear.It is necessary to ensure both personal health, but also to ensure the safety and legal transaction.In the transaction, both parties to the transaction need to respect each other and maintain politeness and friendship.Choosing a trusted platform can provide better protection and services to make the transaction smoother.