Sexy underwear salesperson to sell

Sexy underwear salesperson to sell


In modern society, sexy underwear has become a very sexy culture and art, and it needs to popularize the service of salespersons to sell.And there are some problems with this on -site sales method.This article will share the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear salespersons to sell, helping everyone to better understand this way of sales.

Li: better understanding product information more comprehensively

Many people are confused before buying sexy underwear.On -site salespersons will provide customers with more comprehensive product information, so that customers can better understand the characteristics and styles of love underwear, which is conducive to improving the purchase rate.

Profit: Save the energy and time of customers

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On -site sales can fully save customers’ energy and time, and go to the store to choose to buy sexy underwear. It is necessary to consider traffic and time issues, and on -site salespersons will bring the goods to the door of the house to facilitate customers to choose.

Profit: Able to enjoy professional after -sales service

If you buy sexy underwear in the store, you often need to solve the after -sales service by yourself.The on -site salesperson will provide customers with more professional after -sales service to better meet the needs of customers.

Disadvantages: It may disturb the daily life of customers

On -site salespersons may visit in an inappropriate time, disturb the customer’s daily life, and bring unnecessary trouble to some busy people.

Disadvantages: Customers’ privacy may be violated

Interest underwear is a personal item, and on -site salespersons need to enter the customer’s home to provide services, which may affect the privacy of customers.

Disadvantages: inducing consumption may lead to the increase in the economic burden of customers

In order to increase sales, the door -to -door salesman may use the way to induce consumption to bring unnecessary economic pressure to customers.


Disadvantages: Not transparent enough can lead to quality problems

When sexy underwear is sold in the store, customers can observe and try on themselves to judge their quality.The goods brought by the on -site salesperson may have different degrees of quality problems, and cannot be effectively supervised and feedback.


The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear salespersons have existed. Merchants and consumers need to determine whether to choose this sales method based on the actual situation.With the help of salesperson, customers can understand more comprehensive product information and obtain more professional after -sales service; but this sales method also has the shortcomings that disturb customers’ daily lives, infringe on customer privacy, induced consumption and quality issues.How to choose a sexy underwear depends entirely on the customer’s own decision.