Sexy underwear open crotch pants comics

Sexy underwear open crotch pants comics

Sexy underwear open crotch pants comics

In the field of sexy underwear, opening crotch pants is a very special style.Many people still have various doubts and misunderstandings about this underwear.Today, we come to unlock the mysterious veil of the open crotch pants through comics and text.

What is open crotch pants?

Open crotch pants are a very rare style in ladies’ underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, open crotch pants have a opening in the crotch, which can easily perform sexual behavior or convenient urination.Open crotch pants are divided into two styles: front -open and rear open crotch. The front crotch is open in the front, and the rear open crotch is open in the rear.

The difference between open crotch pants and ordinary underwear

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Many people think that open crotch pants are no different from ordinary underwear.In fact, open crotch pants are not only convenient to use in sex, but also facilitate menstruation or secretions.Compared with ordinary underwear, open crotch pants also have a more perfect personal effect, which fully meets the needs of modern women’s pursuit of sexy, comfortable and healthy.

How to cooperate with open crotch pants

In order to achieve better use effects, it is recommended to match with interesting props or flirting items when using open crotch pants to increase sexual interest and stimulate the desire and pleasure of both parties.At the same time, before use, the crotch should be dry and cleaned to avoid excessive irritation and cause inflammation.

Problems that need attention to open crotch pants

When using open crotch pants, pay attention to hygiene and use time to avoid using bacterial infection or discomfort.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the selection of the size to ensure that the opening size is suitable for personal use needs, and avoid shrinking or damage.

The advantages brought by the open crotch pants

Open crotch pants are not only outstanding in using convenience, sanitaryness and comfort, but also to add more fun and stimulation in love and sex.It is a rare choice for women who want to find freshness, increase interest, or challenge their own limit.

Open crotch pants are not suitable for everyone

Open crotch pants are a very special underwear style, not every woman is suitable for use.In particular, some couples or couples who lack tacit and trust between sexual life and flirting or lack of tacit understanding and trust may cause embarrassment or discomfort.Therefore, when choosing to use, we must fully communicate and negotiate with their partners to ensure that the two parties agree.

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How to choose and buy open crotch pants correctly?

Selecting and buying open crotch pants need to consider sizes, fabrics, and prices.For women who buy open crotch pants for the first time, it is recommended to choose products with moderate prices and soft texture in order to understand and familiarize with the effects of the use of open crotch pants.At the same time, it is recommended to buy at regular sexy underwear shops to avoid risks such as quality problems or privacy leaks.

Safety problem used in open crotch pants

Although open crotch pants have a high convenience and pleasure experience, there are still certain risks during use.Especially for long -term use or frequent use may cause problems such as pain and injury in private parts. Therefore, before use, we must understand the usage methods and precautions in depth, and suspend the use in a timely manner to better protect the body.

in conclusion

As a novel, fashionable and healthy underwear, open crotch pants also add more joy and creativity to sexual life while meeting the needs of female sex.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends can try to use open crotch pants after understanding the advantages and disadvantages and precautions of open crotch pants to add more passion and highlights to your sex life.