Sexy underwear model delivery recruitment

Sexy underwear model delivery recruitment

Sexy underwear model delivery recruitment

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear with sexy and sexy elements, and it has become a fashion item that more and more women choose.As a product, sexy underwear requires the interpretation of models, and "sending" refers to the use of mail or online transmission to shoot videos or photos after wearing products. It is very suitable for women who want to experience private feelings but do not want to go out.Therefore, the recruitment of sexy underwear models is also becoming increasingly popular.

What is sexy underwear model delivery recruitment?

Sexy underwear models refer to women with model experience through online forms to take videos or photos of wearing sexy underwear, and provide an employment method for underwear brands or e -commerce platforms.Models can send the shooting results to employers for review and use by mailing or online transmission.

Question of sex underwear model post -recruitment process

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The process of the recruitment of sexy underwear models is as follows:

1. Enterprise or e -commerce platform releases recruitment information

2. Women submit resumes, and submit model photos or videos and related information

3. Enterprise or e -commerce platform screens eligible women for interviews or trial shooting

4. Women send photos or videos of wearing sexy underwear and submit them to employers

Requirements for sex underwear model delivery recruitment

Sexy underwear model delivery recruitment requires women to have the following characteristics:

1. The age is over 18 years old, and the image temperament is beautiful

2. Body is well -proportioned, with a certain model experience


3. Have a certain makeup skills and posture skills

4. Have good professional ethics to protect personal privacy

The advantages of sexy underwear model delivery recruitment

Sending underwear model delivery recruitment has the following advantages:

1. Do not need to be on the job, you will not be pursued or forced to work

2. No need to wear weekly, put on Pose free and flexible

3. High income, hourly salary can reach hundreds of yuan

4. Flexible time, you can arrange work according to your own time

Precautions for sex underwear model delivery recruitment

Fun underwear model sending recruitment needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to personal privacy, do not leak your contact information and address

2. Choose a regular recruitment platform to avoid being cheated or caught in a MLM team

3. Pay attention to the adaptability and comfort of sexy underwear and your body during the model


Interesting underwear models, they have the advantages of no need to work, high time salary, and flexible time. They are very suitable for some women who like to be lazy.Women who are involved in the field of sexy underwear also need to pay attention to protecting personal privacy, choose a formal recruitment platform to sign, so as to make themselves an excellent sexy underwear model.