Sexy underwear husband’s performance

1 Introduction

Sex underwear has a great effect on the improvement of husband and wife life.As a sexy underwear expert, I have been exposed to many female customers and found that the main reason for them to buy sexy underwear is to make themselves more sexy and confident.However, in addition to women’s choices, men’s performance is also crucial.Today, I will share some ideas about sexy underwear husbands.

2. Positive attitude

First, a positive attitude is very important.Sex underwear is often a new attempt, so it may make women feel a little shy.In this case, her husband’s positive attitude can make women more assured and confident.Men can provide suggestions when buying, and give encouragement and praise when wearing sexy underwear.

3. Respect the choice of women

Respecting women’s choices is also very important.Although men can participate in the choice, the right to decide in the end is usually in the hands of women.Therefore, if women don’t like a certain style or color, men should respect her choice.In addition, men should respect when women want to wear sex underwear instead of being forced to wear, which will make women feel uncomfortable.

4. Help women wear

Helping women’s sexy underwear is also what men should do.This can not only avoid women’s bad sexy underwear, but also make women feel care and care.When wearing sexy underwear, men should be careful to avoid discomfort or burden on women.

5. Create a romantic atmosphere

Men can improve the experience of sexy underwear by creating a romantic atmosphere.For example, you can lit candles or use soft lights.In addition, men can prepare a glass of red wine, chocolate or fruits for women to make the whole experience sweeter.These actions can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and also make women more relaxed and enjoyable.

6. Express appreciation

Expressing appreciation is also very important.Men can directly say that they like women’s feelings of wearing sexy underwear, or convey through body language.This can make women feel confident and popular, and can also improve the emotional interaction between husband and wife.

7. Pay attention to personal hygiene

When enjoying the fun of sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to personal hygiene.Men should wash their hands and bodies to avoid any unnecessary harm to women when wearing sexy underwear.Of course, this is also applicable to women.Both sides should abide by the principles of personal hygiene in order to maintain health and cleanliness.

8. Try a new experience

Finally, men should try a new experience.The types of sexy underwear are very rich. Men can explore new brands, styles and colors with women.This can enhance the interaction and communication between husband and wife, and can also make the sexual life between husband and wife richer and interesting.

in conclusion

In the world of sexy underwear, men’s performance is equally important as women’s choices.Men can improve this experience through a positive attitude, respect for women’s choices, help women wear, create romantic atmosphere, express appreciation, pay attention to personal hygiene and try new experiences to improve this experience.As long as the two sides respect and care for each other, sexy underwear can become a closer and warm link between husband and wife.

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