Sexy underwear ex -girlfriend

Sexy underwear ex -girlfriend

Sexy underwear ex -girlfriend

Sexy underwear is one of the most common clothes in modern women when leisure. This kind of clothes are very comfortable to wear. The application of lace edges, silk mesh, lace and silk elements can make women feel uniqueEssenceThere are a lot of sexy underwear, nothing you can’t buy.But when you choose sexy underwear for yourself, do you know what is best for you?

1. Different fun underwear types

The type of sexy underwear is very rich. From the shirt to the bra, the bellyband to the sexy underwear, there are many different styles.Bigrs are most suitable for women who want to hide their belly.The bras are a must -have underwear for each girl. Different bras can adapt to different occasions and needs.Sexy underwear is the most beautiful underwear that can show women.

2. The color of sexy underwear

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The color of sexy underwear is very important.Light and dark sexy underwear is usually the most popular color.However, the choice of each girl is different. Choose a sexy underwear that you think the best color serves your skin and body.

3. Quotation underwear materials

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.Cotton and silk are the most commonly used materials.Different materials have different effects.The erotic underwear of silk materials is the softest and the most suitable for sleeping at night.

4. Suitable for different cutting tailors

Different body women are suitable for different styles of sexy underwear.Women with large breasts should choose half cups or full cup bras, while slightly smaller breasts can choose to wear V -shaped bra.There are different choices for buttocks. Women with hips are more sexy wearing open crotch -type sexy underwear.

5. The sexy of lace edges

Lace edge is one of the most commonly used elements in sexy underwear, and it is also the most sexy element that can show women.The design of the lace edge can add sweetness and sexy feeling.The more lace, the more sexy the sexy lingerie.

6. Application of stockings

Stockings are one of the most suitable accessories with erotic underwear.In the matching of sexy underwear, it is better to choose a pair of sexy stockings instead of a pair of ordinary socks.This will make you look more sexy and charming.

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7. Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be properly processed like other underwear.After each use, you should wash the sexy underwear with cold water to avoid drying the dryer and avoid cleaning with other clothes. It is best to use a professional underwear cleaning solution for cleaning.

8. Precautions for selecting sexy underwear

There is a big difference between the quality of sexy underwear sold in different stores. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose a reputable and reliable merchant to avoid some unnecessary quality problems.


Interest underwear is a very private thing. Its choice needs to be cautious, and it needs to carefully consider your needs and preferences.If you can choose sexy underwear correctly, it will greatly enhance your confidence and beauty and make you more pleasing to your life.