Sexy Lingerie Model Contest 2018

Sexy Lingerie Model Contest 2018

Sexy Lingerie Model Contest 2018

In today’s era, sexy underwear has moved towards the mainstream market, followed by higher requirements for underwear styles and quality.With the support of many top underwear brands in 2018, the 2018 Fun Underwear Model Contest once again set off a wave of underwear.

Activity background

The sex underwear model contest is a competition aimed at promoting and displaying sexy underwear. In this competition, major underwear brands will send their best sexy underwear models to show their strength, skills and beauty on the stage.

competition rules

Nurse Costume Chemise With G-String & Hat – Y165

In addition to the display of clothing, this competition pays more attention to the attitude, confidence and temperament of the players.At the same time, it will be combined with different themes to set the tests of waterproof, stretching, breathable, and relaxing, and examine the players’ ability and qualifications.

Player selection

In this competition, there will be players from dozens of countries and regions around the world to participate in the competition. Each player will stand out from many applicants after screening.Understand the knowledge and connotation of underwear, experience the process of pleasure and aesthetic collision.


From early June, this competition is a 7 -day event feast.Although not publicity during the game, the entire game focuses on fashion, sexy and security elements.The players have not paid much attention to whether they have achieved good records, because they have appreciated the color and charm of the industry in the year of the competition.

Winner and award

This competition will not only set up multiple single awards, but also awards championships, runner -up, third runner -up and the most potential awards. All the awards will be awarded by professional judges composed of prominent underwear.

Significance and value

The sexy underwear model contest 2018 is a good way, allowing the public to better understand and contact sexy underwear. Its organizational can not only promote the concept and culture of sexy underwear, but also provide more cutting -edge content and beauty such as fashion and beauty.The new experience is a combination of sexy and art, and it is a microcosm of the times.

Stay Up

Look forward to

The 2018 Info Underwear Model Contest has injected new vitality into the development of the sexy underwear industry, cultivated more model talents and professional talents, and made the public more in -depth understanding of the mysterious and beautiful industry of sexy underwear.


The sexy underwear model contest is a feast that combines fashion, beauty, art and culture. It not only shows the strength and style of the entire industry, but also allows us to appreciate the connotation and sublimation of the sex underwear industry.Looking forward to the future, there will be more and better players in the Fun underwear Model Contest.