Sex underwear wipe edge pictures

Sexy and marginal, erotic underwear pictures

The sexy underwear has played the sexy to the extreme, providing many exciting pictures.However, what is the picture of the side?This article will answer this question, while introducing some popular categories and recommendation to you several edge pictures that are suitable for all kinds of sexy lingerie.

What is the picture of the side?

In fact, the definition of "rubbing the edge" is not fixed, because its boundary does not exist.Generally, when the picture contains some elements that are sufficient to think of immorality or taboos, they can be considered as wiping pictures when they do not have intimate contact and do not excessively stimulate people’s personal privacy.This kind of picture should have some unique ways to show erotic underwear, not a naked body.Of course, from "clear intention" to "openness" to "comic style", the range of such pictures is different.

Various types of rubbing pictures

In the sexy underwear market, we can find various types of rubbing pictures.The most common types include: evening dress style, uniform style, kimono style, animal style, role -playing style, and so on.

Evening dress style

The sexy underwear of evening dresses usually includes some lace and car. The reason why they like is because they feel noble and lack excessive exposure.These erotic underwear have many charming details, such as details of gauze or buttons, complicated weaving or some golden decorations.


Fun -style sexy underwear is full of references that are generally sought after by people, such as doctors, police, or maid teams.This sexy underwear is usually relatively simple, because their design focuses on decoration, but to seduce the audience through color and specific details of clothes.


A kimono -style sexy underwear includes many elements, such as lace, soft fabrics, and long sleeves with exquisite pattern design.They visually have a feeling of double harmony, but they are also sexy.

Animal style

Animal -style sexy underwear is usually a variety of animal patterns full of wild and mysterious, such as lizards or leopard patterns.This kind of sexy underwear has done a good job in expressing the ubiquitous animal soul and exuding a strong sexy atmosphere.

Role -playing style

The role -playing style of sexy underwear provides people with greater freedom, and can wear a variety of dramatic, interesting or sexy appearance.This kind of sexy underwear can be a variety of, as long as it is in line with people’s imagination.Whether it is a sexy tailor or an evil witch, it is very popular.

How much stimulates the pictures of the side?

It can be seen from the above discussion that "rubbing picture" is suitable for various sexy underwear types.This kind of picture can create a variety of different degrees of excitement by combining various elements.A large number of studies have shown that this kind of picture can obviously be used as an effective sexy underwear marketing method.When considering how to use these types of pictures, marketers can consider the following questions:

Different audiences of different degrees of edge feel

When a marketer creates such an advertisement, the characteristics of the audience should be fully considered.Marketing staff can create better advertisements based on the audience’s age, gender, nation, marriage status and occupation information.In some cases, for some fashionable, young, arrogant people, it may be better than advertising pictures exceeding the edge line.In other cases, a gentle creativity is more likely to work.


The side -by -side picture is a common element in sexy underwear marketing strategies, which can provide consumers with a unique and entertaining purchase experience.When creating such an advertisement, marketers should fully consider the characteristics of the audience and carefully decide when to use marginal elements.

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