Sex underwear model scam online online

Sex underwear model scam online online

1. Guizi

In today’s society, the market demand for sexy underwear is getting greater.In order to increase sales, manufacturers often hire models to demonstrate and advertise.But recent scams have attracted people’s attention.Some criminals use the profession of sexy underwear to implement the scams to bring great economic and psychological losses to consumers.Today, we will reveal the truth of this sexy underwear model scam for everyone to raise everyone’s awareness of safety.

2. Fake model employment

Liars usually publish information on recruiting sexy underwear models on social networks or recruitment websites, or disguised as regular recruitment agencies to solicit models.They will make you simply fill in some personal information and photos, and tell you that you have been hired in a short period of time.The purpose of these scammers is to obtain the trust of the deception and further deceive in this way.

3. Scammers put forward "model training" requirements

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The scammers will use the names of model employment to put forward the requirements of "model training courses" and charge high training costs to collect money.

4. Toll requirements for venues and equipment

At the same time, scammers will also allow victims to pay various names, such as shooting venues, clothing, makeup and photography equipment.Liars use these charges to collect money, often do not fulfill their promises and eventually do not answer the phone.

5. Implementation of the online video scam

The latest sexy underwear model scam is to obtain private nude photos of the victims through various channels, and then threatened the victims with passion videos to make money.

6. Liar threatening victims must not be exposed

The scammers will intimidate the victims. If the victim disclose it publicly, it will publish their nude photos or passion videos on the Internet.

7. How to avoid becoming a victim

Everyone should be alert to such scams.When looking for a model profession, you can identify whether the company has a formal official website, whether there is a wholesale and sales channel, whether it is a regular business or a company registered to identify its authenticity.In addition, if you have been caught in a scam, contact the police as soon as possible and write down the scammers’ personal information to assist the police to arrest criminals.


8. Summary

There are many types of scams in the society, and illegalists are more and more good at using social networks, recruiting websites and other channels to steal your property or personal privacy.We can avoid being a victim of scam by raising their vigilance, verifying the true identity of the other party, and not easily disclosing personal privacy.

9. Give viewing

As consumers in sex underwear, we should not only pay attention to the comfort and beauty of underwear, but also care about whether its production process and publicity methods are legal.At the same time, we need to update security awareness regularly to protect our property and privacy.

10. End

In short, when we choose consumption and job hunting, we must be alert to various scams and frauds, so as not to regret it because of suffering.Let us work together to maintain the safety and stability of society.