Recommendation of sexy underwear swimsuit numbers


Interests of underwear and swimsuits are important equipment for women. They can not only add charm to women, but also one of their important ways to show self -confidence and beauty.But it is not easy to find underwear and swimsuits that are suitable for you in many brands and types.This article will bring you the recommendation of the sexy underwear and swimsuit. I hope to give you the reference and guidance of the underwear and swimsuit.

Sexy underwear chapter

1. T -shaped pants (C pants)

T -shaped pants, also known as C pants, are a very sexy sexy underwear. It is the first choice for many women when choosing sexy underwear.It has a unique design and can show women’s plump hips vividly.Recommended brand: Victoria’s Secret, Tempt Me, La Perla.

2. Open underwear

Open underwear is a sexy erotic underwear, which has unprecedented characteristics, focusing on comfort and sexy.Its design is different from the closed imprisonment of traditional underwear. The open design can show women’s body beauty.Recommended brands: AvidLove, Dreamgirl, Coquette.

3. Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a very imaginative sexy underwear, which allows the sexy attributes of women to fully play.Its design is usually partial perspective of key parts (such as chest, hip, etc.), which makes people sexy.Recommended brand: Seven ‘Til Midnight, HAUTY, Mapalé.

4. Dress style sexy underwear

Dress -style sexy underwear is an elegant and sexy underwear, with exquisite and unique design style, without losing women’s softness and grace.It can be paired with various clothing to make women more confident and beautiful.Recommended brand: iCollection, Beautiful.


5. Straight swimsuit

Straight swimsuit is a classic and simple style. It can show the beautiful lines and figure curves of women, suitable for various occasions.Recommended brands: Speedo, Tyr, ARENA.

6. Triangle swimsuit

The triangle swimsuit is a charming swimsuit style. It is positive and dignified. It is very suitable for hot springs.Recommended brands: Luli Fama, MAAJI, Thrills.

7. High waist swimsuit

High -waisted swimsuit is one of the essential items for traveling. It can not only show women’s slender waist and graceful figure, but also effectively cover the exposed parts of the abdominal, which has very high fashion and practicality.Recommended brands: Miraclesuit, Beach Riot, Prism.

8. Lace Swimsuit

The lace swimsuit is a very windy style. Its design is inspired by underwear, which can make women look more seductive and charming.Wearing swimming pools, beaches, etc. are very suitable, and it is more suitable for special occasions at night at night.Recommended brand: for love & Lemons, L*Space, Nightcap Clothing.

Summary of the recommendation of sexy underwear swimsuit numbers

In the case of a variety of brands and styles, the selection of sexy underwear and swimsuit lies not only in the sexy temperament presented in style, but also its comfort and adaptation.The pursuit of health, self -confidence and beauty is the eternal pursuit of women. I hope this article can provide some reference and guidance for your purchase.

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