My daughter stole my sexy underwear

My daughter stole my sexy underwear

Accidental discovery

One day, I opened my wardrobe to see which clothes wearing today, but found that a sexy underwear was gone.When I bought the underwear at the beginning, I was looking forward to the birthday gift.I especially like its styles and colors, and a small diamond is inlaid.


I think I forgot where I put it on myself, so I found it all over the entire room and found it.Later I discovered that this sexy underwear was not disappeared, but was worn by my daughter.


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When I found that the underwear was worn by my daughter, I was very angry because this underwear was one of my most private things.I questioned my daughter on the spot, and she said a few words that I didn’t want to wear school uniforms.

Cause Analysis

I realize that I need to understand my daughter and understand why she stole my erotic underwear.As a young girl, she wants to try new things and express her personality, which is normal.For her, my sexy underwear is like a door to explore the adult world.


However, although I can understand my daughter’s mood, she needs to understand that my erotic underwear is not a toy or clothes casually.My daughter and I had a long talk, telling her why wearing a sexy underwear is a private space, and the meaning behind this behavior.I also told her that if she wanted to try new clothes, I could buy with her.

Influence of education

The conversation left a deep impression on my daughter.Although she no longer stole my erotic underwear, she was no longer curious about these things.On the contrary, she becomes more cautious, understands the boundaries that belong to herself and others, and become more understanding and respecting the privacy and private space of others.

Parent’s responsibility

This incident made me deeply realize that as parents, we have the responsibility to guide and educate our children.Especially during adolescence, they need more care and guidance.We should let them understand the rules and morals of society, and teach them how to respect the privacy and private space of others.


Parent’s behavior example

Through this incident, I also realized that as a parent, we need to be a role model for children.If we do not respect the privacy and private space of others ourselves, how can we ask children to follow these rules?


Finally, I hope that every parent can recognize the education responsibilities and mission we shoulder.Only through continuous guidance and education can we cultivate a healthy and positive next generation.