Ms. open up the stall and sexy underwear

Ms. open up the stall and sexy underwear

Women’s open stalls even body sexy underwear introduction

Sexy underwear is a sexy, tempting, and highly visual effects. It has a variety of types and diverse design. Each erotic underwear has specific effects and shapes. ThereforeSelecting a suitable sexy underwear can not only improve your charm index, but also make yourself more confident.

The advantage of opening the stall with sexy underwear

The opening of the stall is connected with the upper dress and the lower dress, and it is designed with an open crotch in the lower body.Dressing effect can play a sexy temptation when wearing.At the same time, the way of opening the stall evenly is relatively fixed, which can highlight the advantages of the body, especially suitable for women with tall and curvati.

The classification of opening the stall with sexy underwear

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Open stalls can be classified according to factors such as styles and materials.Generally speaking, according to different functions, the open -stalls can be divided into yoga pants, skirt type, systemic suits and other styles.According to the different materials, the open -stall’s sexy underwear can be divided into a variety of styles such as stockings, PU material, and cotton material.

Open gear and sexy underwear matching

Generally speaking, the matching of sexy underwear should pay attention to the following points: First of all, consider the matching routine. Different supporting roads will bring different effects.It can be matched with high heels, lace pantyhose, etc. At the same time, the matching of makeup and hairstyles is also very important.Secondly, pay attention to the color of the matching. The choice of color should be grasped according to your skin color and character. Black and red are commonly used colors.Finally, pay attention to the occasions of the match. Different occasions need to wear different styles of sexy underwear.

The choice of opening the stall and the sexy underwear

When choosing to open the stall, you need to pay attention to your body and needs, and choose the appropriate style and size.To choose the style that suits you, if it is a round face, you should choose a simple and generous style; if it is a long face, you should choose the style of the low -neck series.In particular, pay attention to the design of the crotch, but also choose appropriate materials and fabrics.

The maintenance of the stall and the maintenance underwear

Interest underwear is a private clothing, and it must be paid attention to its cleaning and maintenance.The sexy underwear is mostly material, silk, etc., and cannot be cleaned with washing machines. It should be washed and washed with a neutral cleaner.At the same time, it should be kept ventilated to avoid direct sunlight.

Open stall and body fun underwear wearing skills

When wearing a stall, you must use beautiful breast stickers and beautiful hip stickers when wearing a sexy underwear, and be careful not to wear tight pants and underwear, which will affect blood circulation and breathing.Be careful not to hook the possibilities in your hands during your wear.


Open the gear and the price of the sexy underwear

The price and material, production process and other factors of the opening of the stall are related to the price and material of the material. Generally speaking, the price is between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan, and the price of different brands and different needs will also change.

Open stalls with sexy underwear markets

With the improvement of people’s economic level and consumption concepts, the sexy underwear market is becoming more and more popular. Among them, the opening of the stall and the sexy underwear have become one of the very popular styles in the market.Sale.

The summary of the fun -ups and sexy underwear

Open stalls are a very sexy and seductive sexy underwear, which is suitable for women with beautiful curves and beautiful curves.When choosing a stall and a physical underwear, you need to consider your body characteristics, needs and material selection, while paying attention to the skills of matching and wearing.If you wear and match appropriately, you can greatly enhance the confidence and charm of women.