Interesting underwear Intellectual Property Case Analysis

Background introduction

As a clothing that focuses on personality and taste, sexy underwear has attracted much attention since its birth.However, at the same time, accompanied by disputes over the intellectual property rights of sexy underwear, how to protect sex underwear design and brand has become a problem that urgently needs to be solved in the industry.

Case analysis: left and right/enCounter scandal

The dispute between the left and right creative design companies and the ENCOUNTER company involved the problem of plagiarism of design copyrights.The fun underwear design of the left and right companies surprised many people in the industry, but ENCOUNTER launched a design similar to the left and right companies in the same time.Although both sides claim to be their own original, this incident has caused many controversy in the industry.

Store plagiarism case: Jenny Case

The sexy underwear launched by German brand Jenny was found to be sold in a Baza Sasa department store in the United States, which has a direct impact on Jenny’s goodwill.Jenny then sued the court and eventually won the case.This case also illustrates that intellectual property rights that protect sexy underwear not only need innovation, but also the supervision and identification of relevant departments.

Infringement judgment: similarity and illegal law

In the design of sexy underwear, some designers are keen to draw on the existing design of other brands to quickly create products that are intecorded by market -oriented.However, whether this design practice complies with the relevant intellectual property rights, it is worth exploring.In general, if the brand wants to protect its unique design, it must prove that the plagiarism design is very similar to its original design and meets the illegal standards.


After discovering other brands of plagiarism of their own sexy underwear, the accuser needs to do well enough evidence collection work. It is best to show that the plagiarism behavior of the other party has brought losses to themselves.With strong evidence, coupled with the use of the media’s publicity to expand its popularity, it puts pressure on the plagiarity and finally achieves the purpose of protecting their intellectual property rights.

Brand strategy: protection and promotion

The protection of sexy underwear brands not only stays in design, but also requires the brand’s trademark rights and patent rights.These measures can start from legal means, such as patent applications, trademark registration, etc.At the same time, sexy underwear brands also need to strengthen the work in network propaganda and the establishment of rights protection channels to provide a solid foundation for brand protection and promotion.

Innovative underwear innovation: key competitiveness

The innovation and protection of the sex underwear industry have an inseparable relationship.Only by constantly seeking new market demand and developing new design concepts and technologies can we get greater right to speak in the market.At the same time, ensuring the legitimacy of originality and intellectual property rights, we can gain greater advantages in competition.

Consumer market: trend and development

The sexy underwear market is becoming more active as the social and cultural openness of sexual culture has increased. Some large -scale sexy underwear exhibitions have become a grand event in the fashion and cultural circles.The design and creativity provided not only attracted a lot of consumer attention, but also brought new impetus to the development of the sex underwear industry.

Legal system: ensuring the healthy development of creative industries

At present, the country’s intellectual property protection in the field of sexy underwear is not complete, and legislation and regulations need to be strengthened.At the same time, strengthen the guidance and management of management institutions such as trademarks, patents at all levels, conduct professional training and education on relevant departments, institutions and professionals of intellectual property protection to promote the healthy development of creative industries.


Interesting underwear design is a complex and sensitive field. Protecting the intellectual property rights requires various efforts, and the joint efforts of the national departments and the industry themselves.Only when intellectual property rights are protected can the sexy underwear industry develop better and bloom.

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