Interesting underwear girls open file passion small breasts

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Interesting underwear girls open file passion small breasts

Interest underwear has always been one of the most loved sexy underwear for women. It is very tempting, mysterious and teasing, making women exudes charming sexy charm.And the most controversial is that girls open up sexy underwear. This underwear can not only highlight the sexy curve of women, but also increase the fun of sex, which is deeply loved by women.Next, we will introduce you to girls’ sexy underwear from different perspectives.

1. What is a girl opening sexy underwear?

Girls’ opening sexy underwear, referred to as "open crotch pants", is a kind of color -style sexy underwear. The special thing is that a piece of fabric in the crotch is designed to be open, so that women’s sensitive parts can be stimulated when they are worn.Increase sexy adventure and stimulus.Girls are generally designed as a variety of styles, such as T -shaped, thongs, jumpsuits, etc. Each is full of special charm.

2. Girls’ design inspiration for sexy underwear

The design of girls’ opening and sexy underwear is inspired by the sexy culture of the West, and also has certain Asian aesthetic characteristics.Colorful colors, creative design structures, and open design characteristics have made it one of the most popular clothing in swimming pool parties and nightclubs.

3. The use of girls to open up sexy underwear

Girls are rich and diverse in the use of sexy underwear. They can show people spicy at home and increase the taste of husband and wife; they can also wear it in parts, nightclubs and other places to attract the attention of the opposite sex;Show sexy posture.

4. Girls to open the size of sex underwear for girls

The selection of girls to open up sexy underwear is very critical. Only by choosing the right size can we better display curves and figures.When buying, you can measure the appropriate size by measuring the waist and hip circumference.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between the size between the brands. The size standards of different brands are different. After comparison, you need to compare it to choose the size that suits you best.

5. Girls to open the fabric selection of sexy underwear

Girls are also very important for girls’ fabrics for sexy underwear. The fabrics that are usually used are cotton, silk, polyester and other types.Among them, the silk and real silk are the most breathable and comfortable, but the price is higher; polyester materials have the characteristics of cheap, while cotton materials are suitable for people with health and comfort.

6. How to match the girl to open the file and make fun of the underwear

Girls can wear sexy underwear directly as underwear in daily wear, and they can also be paired with other clothing, such as long skirts, short skirts, T -shirts, and so on.However, it should be noted that trying to keep the simple and comfortable tone as much as possible. Do not use too fancy styles or accessories to disperse the attention of underwear. Instead, you will lose the underwear to emphasize the curve and exude sexy effects.

7. How to maintain girls to open files and sexy underwear

Girls need to pay special attention to the maintenance underwear in the opening, because the underwear fabrics are special, so they cannot deal with it casually.You need to use a special washing solution or handwashing to avoid using bleach or strong pollutant.At the same time, you need to pay attention to avoid direct sunlight when drying, and you can place it in a cool place for natural air drying.

8. Girls’ opening sexy underwear is suitable for crowd

Girls are suitable for girls who are suitable for stimulating and increasing sexual women’s groups.And age is not the only restriction, and more importantly, personality, figure, health, psychological quality and other factors.Only by choosing the right style, size, and fabrics that are suitable for you, and at the same time, it can be reasonably matched and properly maintained, can you truly experience the sexy and happiness of girls’ fun underwear.


Girls’ opening sexy underwear, as a controversial but popular sexy underwear, has the characteristics of creativity, sexy, and exciting, can increase the interests between husband and wife, attract the eyes of the opposite sex, and show sexy posture.As consumers, we should reasonably choose the suitable and reasonable size and size of our own, and reasonable matching and proper maintenance in order to truly experience the charm and happiness of girls’ sexy underwear.

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