How to wear sexy underwear bow

How to wear sexy underwear bow?

In the field of sexy underwear, it focuses on sexy, temptation and stunning, and bow is one of the most common designs.Different bow styles and locations will bring people different visual experience and sexy effects.But I believe many people don’t know how to correctly wear sexy underwear with bow.In this article, we will introduce you how to wear a bow of sexy underwear.

1. Learn about the position of the bow before wearing

When buying sexy underwear, you should first pay attention to the position of the bow.Some styles are designed with a bow at the waist, while others are on the chest or behind.Before wearing, you should first understand the position of the bow, and then adjust the size of the underwear appropriately to ensure comfort.

2. The position of the bow determines the sexy feeling

The bow position of sexy underwear is different, and the wearing effect will be different.For example, the small bow on the chest will make the chest more prominent, and the bow at the waist will visually stretch the legs of the legs, making you more charming.

3. Bow design behind the charming

Many designers of sexy underwear like to wear bow behind their backs.If you want to try this design, it is recommended to adjust the bow to the best position to avoid troubles and discomfort during wearing.

4. Customize your bow knot

Sometimes, the ready -made bow is not suitable for your needs, or you want more creativity and personalized choices. At this time, you can try your own bow.Homemade bow can not only meet your design needs, but also make your wear more unique.

5. Match the bow with your other accessories

If you want an extraordinary sexy atmosphere, you can match the sexy underwear bow with your other accessories.For example, you can choose a pair of earrings and necklaces that match the color of the bow to make the overall shape more coherent.

6. Special design bow knot

Some sexy underwear designers will add additional decorations to the bow, such as sequins, beads and silk belts, and so on.This specially designed bow will make you more eye -catching in the field, and colleagues can also let you feel a unique wearable experience.

7. Cooperate with the overall color

Whether it is underwear or wearing outside, you should always remember to match the color.When the bow is matched with other accessories, it is also necessary to consider the matching of the overall color.Once the color matching is proper, it will bring you better dressing effect.

8. Keep the bow shape before wearing

Before wearing sexy underwear, the shape and size of the bow should be ensured that the shape and size of the bow meets your needs.If you do not pay attention to protecting the bow before taking off your underwear, you may cause tear or deformation.If you want your bow to keep a perfect state, you can try to use some other methods to make it stand out, such as stroking or soft jewelry.

9. Choose the style of the underwear that suits you

The style of sexy underwear changes with personal style and preferences.When choosing a butterfly daughter -in -law underwear, you should ensure that you can feel comfortable during the wear process, and the style of the underwear should be matched with your figure as much as possible to achieve the best wear effect.

10. Summary and conclusions

Butterflies and sexy underwear are one of the classics of sexy underwear design.The positions and styles of these bows not only improve the sexuality, but also make you more confident and charming.However, before wearing a butterfly knot -dumb underwear, you should understand the location and design of the bow, and choose the design and style that suits you as much as possible.If you feel uncomfortable in the process of wear, you can adjust the size of the fabric or bow to get a better dressing effect.

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