How to wear sexy lingerie hand ring

How to wear sexy lingerie hand ring

How to wear sexy lingerie hand ring

1. Understand love underwear bracelet

Interest underwear bracelets are sexy products that can bring people more pleasure and excitement.Its method of dressing is relatively simple, but you need to pay attention to some details.

2. Confirm the size of the bracelet

The size of the bracelet is a very critical point. The size is difficult to wear, and the risk of falling off if it is too large.Therefore, when buying a bracelet, try to choose a size suitable for your wrist.

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3. Pass the bracelet through your fingers

First of all, we need to pass the bracelet through one direction, and then turn the bracelet to the other direction through the other finger.At this time, you need to pay attention to the bracelet that you should not be too tight, leaving a certain gap.

Fourth, push the bracelet up

When we pass through the bracelet through our fingers, we need to push the bracelet up until we pass through the wrist.Be careful not to push the bracelet too tightly.

5. Adjust the position of the bracelet

After wearing a hand ring, you need to adjust the position of the bracelet.The bracelet can be worn anywhere in the wrist, but it is usually on both sides of the wrist.

Six, tight hand ring

In order to ensure that the bracelet does not fall off, it needs to be tight after adjusting the position.But be careful not to tie too tightly to avoid affecting blood circulation.

7. Pay attention to the bracelet material

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The material of the bracelet is a key point, because some people may be allergic to certain materials.When buying a bracelet, choose the material that suits you to avoid the occurrence of sensitive situations.

8. Maintenance bracelet

The bracelet is an item we need to wear for a long time, so we need to maintain it regularly.You can choose to clean it with warm water, and do not use chemicals such as excessive cleaning agents.

Nine, contraindications

Some people are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear bracelets, such as pregnant women and skin allergies.Before choosing to buy a sexy underwear bracelet, you should first understand whether your physical condition is suitable.

10. Viewpoint

Interest underwear bracelets can bring more fun and excitement to sexual life, but when wearing, you need to pay attention to the size, material, and method of wearing the bracelet to avoid affecting health and use effects.