Girlfriend loves sexy underwear love love

Girlfriend loves sexy underwear love love

Girlfriend loves sexy underwear love love

Today, with the continuous improvement of the concept of modernity, sexy underwear is no longer a whisper, but has become an increasingly popular topic.According to statistics, a large number of women have now begun to wear sexy underwear at private moments, and men have gradually accepted the fact that their girlfriend put on sexy underwear.If your girlfriend also likes to wear sexy underwear, then this article will help you better geographically solve sexy underwear and how to better enjoy love with your girlfriend in sex underwear.

1. What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear that focuses on sex, combined with sexy, teasing, beautiful, decoration and other elements.In addition to common underwear styles, there are many special designs in erotic underwear, such as lace, mesh, lace, bow and decoration, etc. Many erotic underwear are also associated with love.

2. Types of sexy underwear

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Interest underwear is divided into many different types according to different styles and uses, including pajamas, lace three -point style, split panties, lace suits, student suits, and so on.Here, we recommend letting our girlfriend try to penetrate different types of sexy underwear, and find the most suitable underwear style through different styles and wear feelings.

3. Size selection of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, the correct size choice is particularly important.There may be some size differences in different brands and styles of sexy underwear. It is recommended to choose a brand with multiple sizes to ensure that your girlfriend can find the most suitable size.

4. Color choice of sexy underwear

In terms of color selection, there are many styles of sexy underwear, which may be difficult to choose, but the three colors of white, black and red are classic colors of sexy underwear.If you have doubts about color matching, you can choose these basic colors to ensure that your girlfriend can enjoy it under the sexy underwear.

5. Falling underwear maintenance

Like ordinary underwear, the maintenance of sex underwear is also very important.Try to check whether the underwear is suitable for machine washing before using the washing machine, otherwise you can choose to wash manually.Do not use bleaching water containing chemical ingredients to prevent the surface lace of sexy underwear from being damaged.

6. Suggestions for the matching of sexy underwear

When matching sex underwear with other clothing, try to avoid excessive color changes, and avoid matching the overall effect.It is best to match the supporting underwear or stockings, not to match other items, which will be more beautiful.

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7. How to wear sexy jackets

The erotic underwear is mostly the same as that of ordinary underwear.But there are some different ways of dressing for some special styles of sexy underwear.At this time, you can check the label of sexy underwear before trying it on, understand its usage, and consult the salesperson.

8. Auxiliary toys of sexy underwear

The use of sexy underwear can also be used with some auxiliary props, such as masks, handcuffs, whip, etc.When using these auxiliary props, you need to make some fun without affecting the relationship without affecting the relationship.

9. Suitable occasion

Sexy underwear is most suitable for the private moment of couples.Note: You may feel uncomfortable when wearing sexy underwear. Do not wear it in public, so as not to cause unnecessary attention.

10. Summary

Today, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, and has created a variety of different styles for us.If you and your girlfriend are willing to try, then wearing a sexy underwear may add a freshness and fun in your love life.