Fun underwear steel ring holding chest split

Fun underwear steel ring holding chest split

Fun underwear steel ring holding chest split

With the development of the times, people’s demand for sexy underwear has become higher and higher.In the market, there are many types of erotic underwear. The steel rims -held split -type underwear, known as the "crown" of sexy underwear, is favored by women.Next, this article will introduce issues such as the characteristics of the split chest split, suitable people, and methods of use in sexy underwear.

1. The characteristics of the splitting of the tincture of the steel ring

Steel rims -held split -type underwear is a very special underwear. Compared with ordinary underwear, it has the following characteristics:

1. Higher chest -holding effect: The tight fit of the end lining of the steel ring and the bottom circumference can effectively increase the height of the chest, thereby achieving a better shape, height and full effect.

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2. Significant support: The chest is an important part of the female body. It requires a good support to avoid sagging and unnecessary damage. This is also one of the goals of the design of steel ring underwear.

3. Speed design: The design of the split on the chest is suitable for wearing V -neck or low -cut, and also adds the beauty and fashion of underwear.

Second, suitable crowd

Steel rim holding split underwear is not suitable for all people to wear, which requires certain conditions:

1. Moderate chest shape: Moderate breasts will not be too oppressed or produce light, and it will not affect the squeezing of the nipple and horizontal fat texture.For women with too small or too large breasts, wearing this underwear will cause discomfort.

2. Proper chest position: too low chest is not suitable for wearing steel rim holding chest underwear, because it is too low to make the appropriate amount of chest support, too high chests are not suitable for wearing, too high will cause the effect of steel ring underwear to lose effect.

3. The chest is roughly symmetrical: Only women with basic breasts can wear underwear, otherwise they will damage their health.

Third, the method of use

1. Dressing time: The underwear is too long to wear, which will not only reduce its life span, but also cause bad stimulation of the skin.Generally speaking, it is best to wear less than 10 hours a day.


2. Washing method: Underwear needs to be washed lightly with soapy water. Do not use too hard washing methods. Otherwise, it may damage components such as steel rings, loose bands, and do not wash with high temperature water to avoid deformation.

Fourth, sexual feelings of fun underwear

Buying a suitable steel ring underwear is not the end of the problem. It can truly get enough sexy goddess temperament with a suitable sexual emotional affection.

1. Transparent erotic lingerie: It can be matched with the sexy lingerie of sexual erotic underwear such as the three -point color of the bracelet.The transparent design helps to show the beautiful curve of women’s chest, which is more eye -catching.

2. Lace erotic underwear: By combining with a variety of styles such as three -point, human stockings, etc., women can transform different temperament from sweet to sexy.

3. Stockings: Wearing stockings will not only make your legs more perfect, but also give people a sexy feeling.Coupled with sexy sexy underwear, the beauty is higher.

5. Precautions

1. Do not wear it for a long time: Wearing time is too long, it will cause to varying degrees of damage to the body, so you should pay attention to the duration of wearing.

2. Pay attention to hygiene: Underwear needs to be kept dry and do not rub with hard objects.Do not wash underwear for a long time, otherwise it will hurt the body.

3. Pay attention to quality: try to choose brand underwear when buying underwear, avoid buying inferior products, and ensure that the purchased underwear meets its own needs.

6. How to buy steel rim holding chest split underwear

1. Brand: At present, there are many brands on the market. Brands such as Taipingbird, Playboy, Ou Shiman and Shu Yayun all have unique underwear styles and characteristics. Women can choose the appropriate brand according to their needs.

2. Style: When buying underwear, consider your body and needs, choose the right style and size to avoid the effect and comfort of the underwear due to inappropriate size.

3. Material: Choosing comfortable and breathable fabrics has great benefits for skin and physical health. At the same time, pay attention to the details of the underwear and the quality of the steel ring support.

7. Applicable occasions

1. Quota Makeup Dance: Interesting underwear and steel rim holding chest underwear can not only highlight full breasts, but also increase your sexy temperament.

2. Valentine’s Day: If you want to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your lover and retain a surprise for underwear, the effect is no less than the tenderness of Fanghua and roses.

Eight, conclusion

Although the price of steel -cut -up underwear is relatively high, its comfort and shaping effect are very good, which is very popular with women.Wearing good underwear can not only improve the comfort of the body, but also allow women to feel the improvement of their charm. Therefore, choose the underwear that suits you and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by underwear!