Fun underwear display method diagram video

Fun underwear display method diagram video

Fun underwear display method diagram video

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is used to improve fun and sexual experience.Due to the sexy feelings presented, it is very suitable to wear on special occasions (such as Valentine’s Day).This article will introduce some ways to show sexy underwear to help you better show your sexy and charm.

1. Know your size

Before showing sexy underwear, it is crucial to understand your size.Through the correct size selection, you can ensure the comfort and beauty of sexy underwear on your body.

2. Select the right style

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When choosing a sexy underwear, consider your body shape and body characteristics, and choose the style that suits you.Each style has different characteristics in European and American sexy underwear, sexy underwear, etc., and it looks more sexy and charming when choosing the right.

3. Keep hygiene

It is very important to maintain hygiene when displaying sexy underwear. This special underwear requires special maintenance methods, such as washing and disinfection.Before displaying, it is necessary to ensure that the sanitation of sexy lingerie is the best.

4. Prepare makeup and shape

In addition to sexy underwear itself, makeup and shapes are also one of the important parts of showing sex underwear.When showing sex underwear, you can combine proper makeup and clothing matching to fully show your sexy and female charm.

5. Arms display skills

When displaying sexy underwear, you need to master some display skills, including the arms placement skills.Under normal circumstances, put your arms on both sides of your body or tilt on the side of the body to get better results.

6. Reasonable use of light sources

When showing sex underwear, the use of light sources is also a very important part.By controlling the light reasonably, you can highlight the characteristics and makeup effects of clothing, making yourself more charming and confident.


7. Give good eye communication

When showing erotic underwear, pay attention to giving the audience a good eye communication.Watching each other appropriately for a few seconds to make yourself look more confident and natural.

8. Dynamic display

If conditions permit, some dynamic display can also be performed when showing sexy underwear, showing your elegance and sexy beauty through your own body language and actions.

9. Photography shooting skills

When shooting photos or videos of sexy underwear, photography shooting skills also need to be mastered.Through a variety of techniques such as focusing, composition, and light, the quality of photos or videos can be improved and showing your charm.

10. Summary

The above are some ways to display sexy underwear.Through a reasonable combination and grasp, you can better show your sexy charm and feminine charm.I hope this article will help you, so that you will be more confident and charm in the future display.