French sex lingerie see milk show

French sex lingerie see milk show


France is the hometown of sexy underwear, and its design and styles have always been ahead of the world.French sexy underwear has a strong sense of design, exquisite and delicate, and focuses on details and texture. It is known as the peak of underwear design.In order to show its style and charm, French sex underwear is held every year to see the milk show.


French sex lingerie see milk shows in Paris Fashion Week, France.Since 1994, it has become part of French Fashion Week.The underwear exhibition was participated by brands such as Aubade and Chantelle of, as well as brands such as Victoria’s Secret in the United States.


The purpose of seeing the milk show in French sex underwear is to promote and promote the underwear industry, and it also shows the fashion and sexy of the underwear.

Participate in the brand

There are many brands, including Aubade, Chantelle, Lise Charmel, Simone Pérèle, Marjolaine, etc.

live situation

There was a pink atmosphere at the scene. There were models wearing various erotic underwear catwalks, including transparent, lace, lace and other styles.The shape and color of the underwear are very unique, each with its unique characteristics and charm.

Special design

In the seemingly ordinary sexy underwear, designers creatively add elegant elements of elegant and interesting, such as animals and plant patterns.The impact of these elements can also be seen on the hair and makeup of some catwalk models.


French sexy underwear is popular with the milk show, which attracts tens of thousands of audiences at home and abroad to watch and understand the charm of romance underwear.The underwear catwalk has attracted the attention of countless underwear enthusiasts.

French sexy underwear characteristics

French erotic underwear has a unique design and style, pursuing luxury, exquisite and noble style.The underwear is made of high -quality fabrics, with high comfort and texture.

Combined with other elements

Falling underwear does not just exist for sexy, but also a way to express self and show personality charm.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the factors of other elements when matching, such as clothing, jewelry, shawl, etc.


French sex lingerie see milk show showing the fashion and artistic charm of underwear.The reason why French sexy underwear is loved by everyone because they are humorous and full of personality, showing the unique personality and charm of each woman.The charm of sexy underwear is that it can show women’s unique sexy and self -confidence.Therefore, underwear is not just a layer of clothing, but also an attitude and lifestyle.

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