Boyfriend buys sexy underwear to do

Boyfriend buys sexy underwear to do

In recent years, more and more couples have begun to buy sexy underwear to increase the fun of sex life.However, for many men, it is still a difficult thing to choose sexy underwear.In this article, we will share your boyfriend’s experience of buying sexy underwear.

1. Understand size issues

First of all, you must understand the size of your girlfriend before buying a sexy underwear, including the size of the top and lower body.This question can be paid more attention to when shopping in the usual period, or directly ask his girlfriend’s size.

2. Know your girlfriend’s preference

In addition to the size, her boyfriend also needs to understand the girlfriend’s preferences, such as which color, which material, or style of sexy underwear.

3. Select different styles for different occasions

Interest underwear can be worn at night, but it can also add fun to matching the jacket.Therefore, her boyfriend needs to choose different styles of sexy underwear according to different occasions, such as gatherings, dating or daily wear.

4. Understand the characteristics of your girlfriend’s figure

Women of different bodies are naturally different in sexy underwear in the same style.Boyfriend needs to choose suitable sexy underwear according to the characteristics of his girlfriend, so as to make your girlfriend more beautiful.

5. Prevents too exposed exposure

Although the original intention of sexy underwear design is to increase the fun of sex life, her boyfriend needs to pay attention not to buy over -exposed erotic underwear.Too exposure may trigger a girlfriend’s discomfort and even counterfeit.

6. Know the brand and quality before buying

The brand and quality of sexy underwear are also a matter of attention before buying.Different brands and quality of sexy underwear have different prices and effects, so boyfriends need to choose suitable brands and quality for their own needs.

7. Soft and comfortable materials are more popular with women

Soft and comfortable materials are more popular with women.Selecting this material’s sexy underwear is more suitable for daily wear, and can add sexy charm of women.

8. Pay attention to the effect of covering and modifying

In addition to adding interests, sexy underwear has the effect of covering and modifying.Good erotic underwear can not only set off women’s beautiful curves, but also modify the shortcomings, making women look more beautiful.

In the process of buying sexy underwear, her boyfriend needs to pay attention to the above issues.The needs and preferences of each woman are different, and her boyfriend can make different choices according to her girlfriend’s situation.In general, the original intention of buying sexy underwear is to increase the fun of sex life. Therefore, her boyfriend needs not to pursue sexy effects too much, but also pay attention to the harmony of interesting life.

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