Will the sexy underwear be checked on the plane?

Falling underwear overview

Interest underwear is a special costume that can increase the fun of sexual life, mainly including beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, sex erotic lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie and other styles.It can mobilize the sexual desire of husband and wife, stimulate the body’s nerves, and increase the stimuli of the body.When carrying a sexy underwear on the plane, many people are worried about whether they will be checked.

Privacy issue

When carrying a sexy underwear on the plane, the last thing I want to happen is to be checked.Therefore, many people have concerns about privacy.However, according to the provisions of the International Civil Aviation Organization, if there is no interference flight, it will generally not interfere with the privacy of passengers.Therefore, carrying a sexy underwear on the plane is usually not investigated.

Security inspection is necessary

Although the plane on the plane on a sexy underwear will not be investigated, security checks are necessary.Because in addition to sex underwear, there are many items (such as cosmetics, electronic equipment, etc.) need to pass security inspection.And security checks are not only to check the prohibited items, but also to ensure the safety of passengers.

Whether the parcel needs to be opened for check

When many people are worried that when carrying sexy underwear, civil aviation staff will ask for an outlet inspection.In fact, under normal circumstances, staff will not ask passengers to open the package for inspection.Unless the airport staff suspects that there are dangerous goods or prohibited products in the package, the passengers will not be forced to open the box for inspection.

How to carry a sexy underwear on the plane

Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is usually unique in design, so you need to be careful when carrying a sexy underwear.In order to reduce misunderstandings, it is recommended to choose a hidden package to carry with the sexy underwear of bizarre colors or patterns.For example, placing sexy underwear in ordinary parcels or using a sealed bag for wrap, which can reduce the probability of being discovered and protect privacy.

Limit the number of sexy underwear

When carrying a sexy underwear on the plane, the number should not exceed the number and weight of the hand luggage allowed to carry.If there are too many sexy underwear, you can choose to store luggage and bring a few sexy underwear, so that it can ensure safety and reduce unnecessary trouble and cost.

The regulations of the country and foreign countries are different

When carrying a sexy underwear, it is necessary to understand that the regulations of the country and foreign countries are different.In some countries, carrying erotic underwear may be considered illegal, so before carrying, you need to ensure whether the sexy underwear is legal.

How to clean up the sexy jacket

After traveling, cleaning sex underwear is also very important.Interest underwear is usually more exquisite and requires special methods for cleaning.If a strong cleaner is used during washing, its material may be destroyed.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a mild cleaner to easily wash the sexy underwear with your hands and place it in the ventilation.

The necessity of carrying sex underwear

The necessity of carrying sex underwear is different.Some passengers hope to add some romantic atmosphere during foreign holidays to increase the intimacy of husband and wife.Other travelers believe that this is a violation of social morality.Regardless of your personal views, you need to ensure that the carried of sexy underwear is in line with laws and regulations, and you need to respect local culture and social customs.

in conclusion

In short, although it will not be excessively interfered when carrying a sexy underwear, it also needs to comply with the regulations of the airline and security inspectors.In addition, respect for local culture and social customs is also very important.Carrying sexy underwear can increase the intimacy between husband and wife, but this needs to be decided based on your personal wishes and social moral standards.

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