Will it be infected with erotic underwear?

Misunderstanding of sexy underwear and infection

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a must -have for many couples to increase sexual interest and cultivate emotions.However, the problem of whether sexy underwear will cause infection has always been controversial.Is it really infected?Let’s discuss one by one.

Sex of sex underwear

First of all, to avoid the problem of infection, it is very important to buy sexy underwear correctly.We should choose a soft and breathable sexy underwear to avoid too irritating materials and adhesives.In addition, it is best to disinfect treatment before purchasing to reduce possible bacterial infections.

Cleaning is very important

At any time, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of sexy underwear.After each use, you can use warm water and neutral cleaning agent to clean, and you must not use a bleach or a cleaning agent containing pH.Do not dry directly in a humid place such as the bathroom after use. It is best to put it in a cool and ventilated place.

The season is more timely

With the replacement of the seasons, the use of sexy underwear should also change accordingly.In summer, we should choose cotton materials with good breathable performance to avoid wearing overly sultry sexy underwear at high temperatures; in winter, we should choose sexy underwear with good warm performance to avoid wearing too cool erotic underwear in cold weather.

Personal cleaning is also important

When using sexy underwear, personal hygiene is one of the important factors that are related to infection.Regardless of men and women, the reproductive organs should be kept clean every day, especially women should pay more attention to the cleaning and replacement of sanitary napkins to avoid infection caused by bacterial breeding.

The frequency of washing is enough

Interest underwear is not a conventional underwear. It cannot be worn for a long time. It needs to be replaced for a while.The sexy underwear used should be cleaned and replaced in time.In addition, erotic underwear is not suitable for long -term placement, try to avoid excessive placing to avoid the occurrence of infection due to bacterial breeding.

Avoid sharing with many people

Interest underwear is a personal product and is trying to avoid it with multiple people.Because everyone’s physical condition is different, lending sexy underwear to others may infect bacteria and cause infection.

Interest underwear is not a sinful thing

The last thing I want to say is that sexy underwear is not a sin. It is a good sex auxiliary tool for adults. It can bring richer sexual experience and enhance each other’s feelings and understanding.However, the correct use and cleaning method is very critical. Be sure to pay attention to the problems of sexy underwear and infection.

in conclusion

Is it infected with sexy underwear?The answer is possible, but we can avoid it by correct use and cleaning.As long as you follow the above rules, choose, clean, replace it correctly, and avoid sharing with multiple people in time, you can use sex underwear with confidence to enjoy the fun brought by sex.

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