Will girls agree to wear sexy underwear?


I believe that many boys want to give their girlfriend or lover a sexy underwear as a gift, but maybe you are considering whether she will accept this surprise.So, will girls agree to wear sexy underwear?This is a topic worth exploring.

Interesting underwear brands and categories

First of all, it is necessary to understand the brand and type of love underwear.There are many sexual lingerie brands and styles in the market. Some brands are also good at launching some comfortable, sexy, fashionable sexy underwear, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, and so on.When choosing, choose reasonably according to your own stores and customer needs.

Underwear style choice

When choosing a sexy underwear, the style is particularly important.Some girls prefer comfortable underwear, so in this case, you can choose some comfortable eye masks, stockings or fine -tuning integer underwear, etc. These are relatively low -key sexy underwear.For those sexy and keen girls, some open underwear or lace and lace -decorated underwear are more popular.Of course, this must be fully recognized and understood by girls.

Surprise and cooperation

Surprise giving girls a very exciting and interesting thing, but when surprising her, pay attention to mastering the goodness and how to cooperate with her, otherwise it may be counterproductive.You can start with some small gifts, such as tape, neck belt, hairpin, etc., which can help girls better accept your surprises.

Mutual respect and understanding

Today, with the gradual increase in fashion and women’s health awareness, respect for women’s choices is the quality that every male friend should have.Analyze the reasons and talk about how to make girls more willing to put on sexy underwear. The first requirement must be mutual respect and understanding. Only in this way can girls truly accept erotic underwear. At the same time, when receiving underwear, we should pay attention toHygiene and comfort.

Don’t force the other party

Although you are confident in your girlfriend, wife, lover, etc., encouraging each other is not equal to forcing each other.When recommending sexy underwear to girls, we must avoid too enthusiastic and mandatory sales, otherwise, it will inevitably cause them to cause pressure and discomfort.

Express your taste and creativity

Many couples like to choose gifts with each other to enhance their emotions in this way.In this case, men can fully show their creativity and taste, choose some new, chic and sexy underwear that meet their needs, which greatly enhances the emotions between each other, especially in special days.

Pay attention to the occasion and environment

Before surprise her, you must consider the time and occasions to avoid embarrassing scenes.If it is at home, there should be no problem, but if it is in public or in an environment where people are in contact with people, then be careful.

According to her style and hobbies

Different girls have different styles and hobbies. Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, they should choose the right style according to her style and hobbies.If she likes a more sweet style, she can choose some pink and silk sexy lingerie styles. If she prefers sexy style, she can choose some bold and explicit underwear styles.

Know her will in advance

It is very important to understand her will in advance when surprising girls.If you communicate with her in advance to know whether she is willing to wear sexy underwear, then you can better prepare and choose the style.This is also a way to respect and care for women.


Finally, if your girlfriend or wife accepts the idea of sexy underwear, then choose some styles and brands suitable for her early.But be careful not to be too compulsive and similar, to negotiate with his girlfriend, wife, and lover to find the best solution.Remember to respect each other and ensure that the respect of women’s health is more important than everything.

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