Why can’t sex underwear be put on the shelves?

Funeral underwear on the shelves, initial detection

Many spinning fast -moving brands have begun to produce and sell sexy underwear, but it is regrettable that some brands of sexy underwear are difficult to sell online, such as unable to put on the shelves.We can’t help asking, why is this?

Mall authorization restrictions

Some brand -produced sexy underwear has some special designs and needs to be authorized by the mall to be sold in the mall.If the brand is not authorized by the mall, these special designs may cause them to be unable to sell.

Restrictions on laws and regulations

In some countries and even regions, the design and sales of sexy underwear have been strictly limited by laws and regulations.Without allowing permission, sexy underwear may be considered a commodity that violates morality or legal requirements, and cannot be allowed to sell.

Product quality problem

The quality of some sexy underwear may also cause it to be unable to sell normally.For example, if there is a major problem in sexy underwear or major design, it will be prohibited from being sold.

Photo content illegal

The pictures of sexy underwear may violate the regulations of some malls, which is also a factor affecting the launch of the goods.Some malls stipulate that pictures and other content should not include vulgar or other criminal information, otherwise they cannot be displayed on the mall.

Clearance does not matter

If sex underwear is imported from abroad, sometimes it may be necessary to bring a "customs clearance" document.If these documents are missing, the erotic underwear cannot be imported.

The classification standards of sexy underwear are not clear

The classification standards of sexy underwear involve many different factors, such as style, material, nature, effect, and so on.If the classification standards of sexy underwear are not clear, it is difficult to determine which classification it should be sold on the shelves, which is also a factor that affects the launch of the goods.

Mall review standards are not clear

Mall review standards may vary from the mall, which means that even in the case of a mall, sexy underwear may also fail in other malls.

Fate underwear market competition is fierce

In the sexy underwear market, competition is fierce.The competition between brands has almost reached the degree of heat, so some brands do not hesitate to use the means to suppress competitors. This non -competitive method may have an impact on the upper shelves of sexy underwear.

The mall review is not timely

In the mall, if a product needs to be reviewed, it usually takes a certain time to wait for review.The classification, standards and reviews of sexy underwear require more costs to deal with it, so the review time will also be extended accordingly, which may also be a major reason for sex underwear to be sold in time in time.

Brand operation strategy problem

Some brands may have their own unique operating strategies, which may cause sexy underwear products to be sold normally.For example, a brand may choose to put in some specific time periods, instead of being available anytime, anywhere.This type of behavior often leads to sales difficulties.

in conclusion

Although there are many reasons why sexy underwear cannot be put on shelves, we should also clarify some problems.First of all, the sales of sexy underwear have been limited to many restrictions and regulations, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.Secondly, it is possible to solve the various problems of sexy underwear, including production quality, picture information, and so on.Finally, the problem of brand operating strategies requires a better understanding of the characteristics and market conditions of love underwear in order to create a better sales environment.

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