Why buy it in sex underwear?

The reason for choosing sex underwear

With the development of society, sexy underwear has gradually entered our lives.Among the many underwear, sexy underwear looks more sexy and exciting, which can not only satisfy our inner desires, but also enhance the feelings between couples.Choosing sex underwear is to satisfy desire and increase emotional taste.

Precautions for buying sexy underwear

You need to pay attention to the following points to choose sexy underwear:

1. Material requirements

The material requirements of sexy underwear are crucial. You need to choose breathable, comfortable, and soft materials.For people with sensitive skin, natural materials should be selected.

2. Style selection

The style of sexy underwear is different and will vary from person to person.For a petite person, you can choose a small vest or small underwear with lace perspectives, which can increase interest and increase the proportion of body.For people with a full figure, you can choose a more sufficiently covered underwear.

3. Size selection

It is necessary to choose the right size. Too small or too large underwear will affect the effect.First of all, you need to understand your size.In addition, considering the elasticity of sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a size that is slightly tighter than usual underwear.

4. Color matching

Color matching is also the key, such as black, red, white, purple and other colors are usually considered sexy representative colors.But choosing color also needs to consider your skin color and hair color, which is more suitable for your own color to effectively improve temperament.

Sex of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear. You can choose different types of sexy underwear according to different needs:

1. Open -type sexy underwear

This kind of erotic underwear is split back and forth, which is extremely sexy, which can effectively stimulate desire.Generally suitable for the higher tacit understanding and understanding of the two people, it can increase interest and passion after putting on.

2. Lace erotic underwear

The characteristics of lace sexy underwear are gentle and perspective, which will make the figure more sexy and increase charm.Generally suitable for matching stockings or high -heeled shoes.

3. Belly Board Sex Underwear

Funny underwear is a primitive sexy underwear, sexy, bold, suitable for the public and individual independent.The material, color, shape and pattern of the bellyband are different, and you can buy according to your needs.

4. Even body fun underwear

Even the sexy underwear is usually naked and elastic style, suitable for people with full body.It can make people look more sexy and thorough after putting on, and at the same time, free adjustment can be made through magic stickers or hook buckles.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance method of sexy underwear is also crucial:

1. Washing method

Sex underwear needs to be washed by hand to avoid using washing machines.In order to extend the duration of the underwear, you can choose a professional underwear cleaning agent for cleaning.Drying is also necessary, but to prevent direct sunlight, do not use high temperature drying.

2. Storage method

Interest underwear also needs to be stored correctly to avoid places in direct sunlight and avoid being placed in a humid place.Avoid deformation when you store underwear, you need to be placed between clothes.


The fashion and charm of sexy underwear gradually become popular in modern society, but there are many points that need to pay attention to when choosing, using and maintaining underwear.Only by understanding these precautions can we choose the sexy underwear that is more suitable for you and ensure the life of the underwear.Falling underwear can increase interest and vitality on the body, but it should not be excessively pursued. Pursuing the style that suits you is the best choice.

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