Who is Taobao sex underwear sold to who sells?

Introduction: market overview of sexy underwear

With the progress of society and the liberation of people’s ideas, sex underwear as a new fashion category began to gradually enter people’s lives.In recent years, the popularity of sexy underwear has gradually increased, and some Taobao shop owners have also begun to get involved in the management of sexy underwear.However, sex underwear, as a relatively special product, is also different from other products in terms of sales strategies.So, who is Taobao sex underwear sold for good selling?

Sell to young people

The market for sex underwear is mainly for young people, between 20-35 years old.This group of people is more open, diversified, pursuing fashion, and will choose a special lifestyle, which is also one of the important reasons for the rapid development of the sexy underwear market.In response to this consumer group, sellers should pay attention to follow -up trends when selling, and work hard on product design and packaging.

Sell to newlyweds

The newlywed couple is also one of the main forces of sexy underwear, because sexy underwear brings surprises and stimuli in sex.For this consumer group, the seller needs to work hard in the quality, appearance, and patterns of product, so that they can feel satisfaction and happiness when enjoying sex.

Sell to toy enthusiasts

In addition to the practicality of sexy underwear, it also has the characteristics of toyization. Some people have become interested in collecting sexy underwear and form a small circle of sexy underwear enthusiasts.For this consumer group, sellers can add some promotional mechanisms in sales, or launch some limited edition products, customized version products, etc. to increase their collection value.

Sell to buyers

Some physical businesses often are not familiar with niche products such as sexy underwear and do not know how to purchase, so they need to use platforms like Taobao for procurement.For this consumer group, the seller needs to work hard on the quality of the product, and at the same time pay attention to forming the competitive advantage of its own brand.

Sell to cross -border e -commerce merchants

In recent years, the cross -border e -commerce platforms of Fengshengshui have also emerged many sexual underwear wholesalers. Because of the loosening of some tariff policies and approval policies, some foreign sex underwear manufacturers have flooded to the Chinese market.For this consumer group, sellers need to pay attention to the import and export policy of the product, and do a good job of understanding of various complex processes.

To couple

Sex underwear can also help couples solve the more sensitive problems in the process of sex.For example, some women are too sensitive, and wearing sexy underwear can reduce sensitivity; men lack orgasm, and microcirculation fun underwear can stimulate orgasm.For this consumer group, sellers can provide appropriate products according to the actual situation to help them solve the problem.

Sell to single customers

Interest underwear is not just a person with a partner. Single people are also potential markets for sexy underwear.This is because sexy underwear has the function of helping single people regulate physiological pleasure. For some single people, it is one of the effective ways to relieve stress and discharge fatigue.For this consumer group, sellers can recommend some sexy underwear products with massage functions.

Sell to pregnant women

During pregnancy, you need to grasp your health, but your life also needs to maintain a certain amount of interest and fun.Some erotic underwear are targeted at pregnant women, such as underwear with tight, chest -holding functions, which can make them easier and pleasant during pregnancy.For this consumer group, sellers need to pay attention to the healthy and environmental protection characteristics of the product and provide harmless and useful products.

Sell to the outgoing person

People with an exterior and open -minded attitude may not be ashamed and difficult to accept the highly privacy of sexy underwear, and even willing to share their own purchase and use experience.This consumer group will bring a word of mouth, recommendation between friends, and stable fan sources.For this consumer group, sellers need to work hard on the scope and quality of the product.

Sell to marketers

Some marketers often choose to use sexy underwear products for offline promotions to attract more attention and attention.For this consumer group, sellers need to pay attention to the price and promotion method of the product, and consider customization and customization services for them.

in conclusion

In summary, the market demand of sexy underwear is not limited to a certain consumer group, but covers a variety of consumer demand and various groups. Sellers should have the attention of sales and expanding the market.The corresponding strategy can gain better development and space in the increasingly competitive market.

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