Who buy more sex underwear?

Who buy more sex underwear?

With the continuous development of the times and the gradual opening of people’s ideas, sexy underwear has gradually become one of the must -have for modern people’s various emotional expression and sex life.However, in the consumer group, who needs more people to buy sex underwear?This article analyzes the characteristics of consumers of sexy underwear, and summarizes several common and typical consumers.

1. Newly married couple

The newlyweds are the main consumers of sexy underwear.After the wedding, the two people stepped into the marriage hall and needed more sexual skills and richer sexual life to enhance the relationship between the two.Sex underwear can satisfy the various sexual fantasies between couples and bring a new sex experience to the couple.The newlywed couples are usually young, energetic, and curious, and have high demand for sexy underwear.

2. Single people

Single people are another group of consumers of sexy underwear.In the lack of loneliness caused by emotional relationships, they are eager to meet their sexual needs through erotic underwear.When you are alone, sexy underwear can provide a unique sexual enjoyment.Some single men and women will choose to wear sexy underwear to increase their charm during friends gathering, parties or travel, attract the attention of the opposite sex.

3. Long -term long -term love couple

Couples who have long -term long -term love have been restricted by physical distance and time, which makes their desire for sex stronger.Interest underwear can relieve the tension and pressure between the two, and increase the intimacy between the two.In addition, buying sexy underwear through mailing or online can also alleviate lovers in different places in distant places.

4. Gay couples

Gay couples are also the potential consumer of sex underwear.Simagonity is different from the traditional heterosexuality, so they need to need more sexual skills and the direction of venting.Sexy underwear can satisfy the various fantasies of gay couples, making the eye communication between the two people closer.

5. Interesting enthusiasts

Some people use erotic underwear as a lifestyle. They pursue aesthetic aesthetic feeling, and have a deep interest and desire to explore sex underwear.They usually have their own collections, and they like to enjoy a variety of sexual sex experiences on different occasions and different tastes.

6. Adult toy collector

Similar to sexy underwear, adult toys are also the object of pursuit of some people.Some people collect adult toys and sexy underwear as their own collection.At the same time, these enthusiasts also hope to get a more perfect sex experience from these collections.

7. Youth

Although sexy underwear and adult toys are adult products, some teenagers also have certain interest in sexy underwear.For them, this is a kind of curiosity and inquiry, and it is also a manifestation of psychological needs.Under the education of families and schools, teenagers should treat sex reasonably, not for the depth of our sexual relationships, the better the sex.

8. Personal pay attention to the quality of sex without partner

Some consumers with special sexual needs are willing to try sexy underwear, such as single sisters in pursuing business growth, highlighting certain diseases.In the case of superior conditions, these consumers are even more involved in comprehensive consideration of convenience and health.Sex underwear provides a perfect solution for this to meet consumers’ different aspects and needs for sex."

In summary, the consumer groups of sexy underwear are relatively extensive, including newlywed couples, single people, long -term long -term love couples, gay couples, and enthusiasts.At the same time, some teenagers or consumers with special needs will try to buy sexy underwear.In this regard, the market potential of sexy underwear is relatively large.However, when buying, you need to consider personal needs and choose reasonably and scientificly.

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