Which Japanese lingerie is good in Japan


As a clothing with aesthetics and sexual functions, sexy underwear has always been favored by couples.As the leader of the sexy underwear industry, Japan has many well -known brands.This article will introduce several Japanese sexy underwear brands and analyzes its characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

Risqué (Leiskai)

Risqué is the brand of Ledi Kai, Japan. It is mainly fabrics such as silk, lace, etc. The design is simple, fresh, and the pricing is moderate. It is suitable for people who like simple and elegant style.But the disadvantage is a small amount of production, and the style update is slow.

Felissimo (Felissimo)

Felissimo has different erotic lingerie styles, focusing on personality and practicality, and the design is very delicate.The price of individual styles is high, but the advantage is that the material and process are superior, and the feel is comfortable and soft.

Wacoal (He Ge Mountain)

Wacoal is an old Japanese sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 1949.Its product style is wide, more focused on sexy and exciting, and it is suitable for people who have some pursuit of sex.The price is high compared to other brands, but the production is well -made and has a good dressing effect.

Peach John

PEACH JOHN is well -known in style, and it is also a more cost -effective sexy underwear brand. The price is moderate and should be the choice of most people.However, because they don’t pay much attention to materials and quality, some styles may be a bit cheap.

La Perla (Labra)

La Perla is a brand from Italy and has a certain market in Japan.Its underwear is luxurious and elegant, mainly fabrics such as silk, lace.Although the price is high, the quality and packaging are very delicate.

Triumph (Dianfen)

Triumph is one of the world’s four major underwear brands, with a long history and brand culture.In the field of sexy underwear, its products are mostly sexy and luxurious, but the price is relatively high.

Ravijour (Ravizer)

Ravijour is a sexy underwear company that focuses on technology. Its latest style can be automatically unlocked according to the female heart rate change, which is amazing.In addition, its style is also very fashionable and medium in price.But because of her special features, some people may feel uncomfortable or unnatural.

Nishimatsuya (Shouwu)

Nishimatsuya is a sexy underwear brand that focuses on practicality. It emphasizes comfort and production quality and moderate price.But the style is too simple, not paying attention to the appearance.

Le Molli (Limoli)

Le Molli is a brand with young people as its main customer group. It pays attention to details and fashionable designs, with moderate prices.However, because of the youngest, some styles may not be suitable for middle -aged people.


Different brands have different advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the brand that suits you according to your own personality and needs.I personally lead to a brand with cost -effectiveness and practicality as the main consideration

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