Where is the place where the sex lingerie is sold?

Where is the place where the sex lingerie is sold?

With the continuous deepening of people’s needs and attitudes of sexual life, sexy underwear has gradually been accepted by people.However, for many people, buying sexy underwear still faces some difficulties.So, where does the sex underwear sell more?

1. Spring Products Specialty Store

In the distribution of sexy underwear sales, the sex shops occupy a large proportion.Because in this kind of shops that specialize in selling sex products, not only are the types of sexy underwear rich, but the price is relatively transparent, and the after -sales service is better.

2. Online Mall

Online shopping has become the main way of shopping in modern people. Compared with physical stores, online shopping has a more convenient advantage.On the Internet, sexy underwear is also one of the popular products.On Taobao, JD, Vipshop and other e -commerce platforms, there are a lot of sexy underwear for sale, and the price is relatively close to the people.

Third, Funeral Exhibition Fair

The Interest Exhibition has begun to rise in recent years, and many brands will take this opportunity to promote new products.The sex exhibitions are mostly held in the city center area, and there are more people than ordinary stores, so there is a relatively large exposure.At the Interest Fair, sexy underwear generally has special purchase activities, which can save a lot of expenses.

Fourth, Internet Red Store

There are some online celebrity stores that specialize in selling some casual clothing, sex products and other products. These online red shops have unique fashion elements and follow the more fashionable line.Among these online celebrity stores, sexy underwear is also one of the main products.

Five, sexy underwear brand store

Some influential erotic underwear brands will open their own stores, which are mainly engaged in the sexy underwear of their own brand. Due to the role of brand effects, these shops also occupy a certain share in the entire sexy underwear sales.

6. Department Store Mall

In the mall, although there are not many shops operating sexy underwear, their shopping malls have large traffic and wide consumer groups. Therefore, they are also one of the main sales channels for many sex underwear brands.

Seven, purchasing

For some foreign trade erotic underwear, the domestic market is relatively small, so not all brands will open specialty stores in China.However, some purchasing platforms or individuals will purchase sexy underwear from abroad and then sell domestic sales. Although the price may be relatively expensive, the style and quality of sexy underwear are relatively more guaranteed.

8. Sexual products store

Sexual supplies stores generally sell some adults, sex products, etc., which are more common in underground malls in some cities.Because sexual supplies stores are relatively "special" industries, the types of sexy underwear are relatively richer.

in conclusion:

Interest underwear has its own exclusive consumer groups and advantages in different sales platforms, channels and stores.In order to be able to buy well -quality and rich in sexy underwear, it is recommended that buyers can compare them between multiple channels and shops to choose the way to buy the most for them.

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