What will you send for sexy underwear if you buy it online?


In the era of the popularity of the Internet today, online shopping has become a way of shopping in people’s daily life.And in some e -commerce platforms, there may be sexy underwear to buy any products.But these sexy underwear are different, because there are many different types of sexy underwear.This article will answer what kind of sexy underwear you buy online and what kind of sexy underwear you send.

Must -buy guide

Before online shopping, many people will list a must -buy list.What kind of products are there in this list to send sex underwear?In fact, many e -commerce platforms have not explicitly stated that they will send sex underwear. This may be a way of promoting consumers, so not all the must -buy products will send sexy underwear.

Cosmetics skin care

In cosmetics, skin care products, such as lotion, cream, cleansing milk, facial cleanser, etc.Since these products are required by women, different types of sexy underwear may be given to different types of sexy underwear.

Ladies underwear

Female underwear products are a more common product for sending sex underwear.Because for women, underwear is a highly privacy object, and many people may feel that it is not convenient to buy underwear in physical stores.When buying underwear online, some seductive gifts will also be added to attract consumers.

Adult products

Adult products are a very special product, because the consumer groups of such products are adults.And when buying such products, many people choose to buy online.Therefore, in this kind of products, sending sexy underwear is actually more common.

Book class

In order to promote the sales of book products, operators will also conduct various promotional activities.In some books that adapt to the age of the crowd, it is not uncommon to send sex underwear.


Among the jewelry accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, watches, hairpins, etc., there will also be some activities that send love underwear.When buying these products, consumers can combine the matching of the sexy underwear in combination with the gift, which can better reflect the charm of women.

Discount discount

In some discounts, it is more common to send sexy underwear.Because these preferential products are relatively cheap, sending sexy underwear can play a role in increasing the attractiveness of the product.

Festival commemorative category

In some special festivals or anniversary, operators will also conduct special promotional activities.In these activities, sending fun underwear is also a very common form.


In summary, it is not particularly clear about what you buy online.The promotion methods of various e -commerce platforms are not the same, so pay attention to the preferential activities and product descriptions of the platform.Although not all products will give sexy underwear, consumers do not have to pay too much about the sexy underwear sent by the delivery, because sending sexy underwear is more of a promotion form. Consumers still have to buy actual products they buy.

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