What will happen if you don’t wear sexy underwear?

What will happen if you don’t wear sexy underwear?

Paragraph 1: Easy to breed bacteria

The sexy underwear is not washed and worn, and a large amount of sweat, sebum and other secretions will be left on the surface of the clothes. These secretions can easily breed bacteria and increase the possibility of infection with skin diseases.

Paragraph 2: lead to skin allergies

For people who are susceptible to allergies, wearing unwahering erotic underwear is more likely to cause allergic reactions, leading to symptoms such as eczema, itching.

Paragraph 3: Destroy skin ecological balance

Fun underwear will leave some unclean microorganisms without washing, which may destroy the ecological balance of the skin and affect the health of women’s private parts.

Paragraph 4: Affects private parts

Wearing unwavering underwear can cause itching, odor, inflammation and other problems in women’s private parts, which will affect women’s health.

Paragraph 5: Affects sexual life

If you wear a sexy underwear that is not washed for sexual life, it will affect the smell. The unhygienic situation will make the other party feel uncomfortable and affect the quality of sexual life.

Paragraph 6: Affects the life of sexy underwear

If the sexy underwear is not cleaned in time, the accumulated blood, the secretions, and other substances will form stubborn dirt, which will easily lead to bacterial breeding and shorten the life of the underwear.

Paragraph 7: Affects the beauty of clothing

I often do not wash fun underwear, because fixed fabrics and skin friction and sweat secretion have corrosive characteristics, which may cause sexy underwear to become yellow and dirty, affecting the beauty of clothing.

Paragraph 8: It will bring odor

After a long period of time, the sexy underwear that has not been sufficiently washed and disinfected has been easy to produce odor, which can easily produce odor and bring discomfort to the wearer and the surrounding people.

Paragraph 9: Need to maintain it correctly

Therefore, it is important to correctly maintaining fun underwear.Wash it in time after passing, avoid friction as much as possible when scrubbing, and soak in warm water for a period of time according to the instructions. Wash it with a special laundry solution before drying.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

Interest underwear is an important prop to increase interest and pleasure, but in order to protect your health, you must clean it in time before and after wearing.Regular use of special cleaning products and methods to maintain the cleanliness, hygiene, maintenance and beauty of underwear, is the basic common sense and requirements of sexy underwear.

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