What should I do if we wear sexy underwear too cold?

What should I do if wearing sexy underwear is too cold?

Interesting underwear, as a sexy clothing, is usually embellishment and flavoring agent of sex life at night.Many women like to wear sexy underwear, show their sexy curves, and evoke lover’s desire and excitement.However, in some cases, in a room with too cold weather or excessive air conditioning, wearing sexy sexy underwear may also make women feel a little cold.So what should you do when you feel cold when you put on a sexy underwear?Let’s provide you with some solutions.

Material selection is important

When you buy sexy underwear, please pay attention to the choice of material.Some materials are more breathable, such as cotton fabric, and some materials will heat up, such as velvet and wool.If you are worried that you will feel cold when wearing fun underwear, we recommend that you choose the type of material with better warmth, so that you can ensure that you feel sexy while you will not affect your health because of cold.

Choose underwear suits

In addition to choosing suitable materials, choosing underwear suits is also an important solution.If you put on a sexy underwear with only underwear and bra, it is likely to feel cold.So we recommend that you choose underwear suits to keep warm.Underwear suits usually include a variety of clothing, such as various vests, suspenders, hanging socks, etc. This can ensure the warmth of your entire body, and at the same time, it can make your body more beautiful.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size is also an important solution.If the sexy underwear you choose is too tight, it may affect the comfort of wearing.At the same time, too tight erotic underwear will make you feel cold.So you should choose a sexy underwear that suits your body size, so that your underwear jacket is comfortable to wear, and it is also more suitable for your figure.

Pay attention to external factors

In some cases, external environmental factors will also make you feel cold.For example, the indoor temperature is too low or the quilt is not thick enough when sleeping, etc. These may affect your experience of wearing a sexy underwear.Therefore, you can increase the indoor temperature by using heater, air conditioning or thick quilt, and increase the comfort of wearing sexy underwear.

Keep activity at all times

It is also a good choice to increase the temperature of the body by maintaining the amount of physical activity.When you feel cold, you can try to move more, such as doing some simple yoga, dance or jumping exercises. These exercises can help you increase your physical activity and increase your body temperature.

Put on a thin coat under the underwear

If you don’t want to take off your sexy underwear completely when you feel cold, you can choose to put a thin coat under the underwear.If you choose a material with good breathability, this way of wear can not only ensure the temperature appropriate, but also allow you to show more shapes in sexy underwear.

Hot water bag

On cold nights, some people like to use hot water bottle to increase their body temperature.You can choose to cover the hot water bag on the outer layer of the sexy underwear, so that you can feel warmer and comfortable, and it will not affect the effect of wearing sexy underwear.

Choose a coat that can be paired

If you need to go out or wait for the guests, you can choose to match the appropriate coat, so that while keeping warm, you can also make your overall shape more decent.Select the right coat according to your preferences and occasions to help you keep your temperature and present a sexy style.

in conclusion

All in all, you can improve the comfort of sexy underwear by choosing the appropriate material, size and underwear suit, and at the same time, it will not sacrifice sexy and beautiful.If you want to wear sex underwear in a cold environment, you only need to pay attention to the above tips.These tips can help you wear the most sexy sexy underwear, but also keep you warm and comfortable.I wish you always get rid of the cold on the road of love and enjoy sexy and warmth.

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