What should I do if Taobao buys a sexy underwear scammer?

Buy buyer misunderstandings of sexy underwear

With the development of society, people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, including not only basic living conditions, economic conditions, but also the pursuit of quality of life.Therefore, sexy underwear has gradually become popular consumer goods, and more and more people start buying such products.However, many people are easily deceived when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, which not only wastes money, but also wastes time and energy.Before buying sexy underwear, you need to learn about some common buyers.

Misunderstanding 1: Pay attention to the price

Although the platform is mature, there are more and more scammers.The low prices in the advertisement often seduce most buyers, but the price of many erotic underwear itself is very high. If the price is too cheap, it is likely to be fake.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, compare it according to the market price, and try to avoid products with too low prices.

Misunderstanding 2: Ignore comments

Product reviews on Taobao are one of the important information we must see when buying goods, but some people do not have the habit of watching the comments, or they just plan to place an order at a glance.This is easy to make scammers organic, because they usually use fake comments to deceive customers’ trust.Therefore, we must read the comments carefully and judge the reliability of the product according to the ratio of the comment.

Misunderstanding 3: There is no difference in different interest underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear. In addition to the basic parts of underwear, there are many different sexy underwear.Different erotic underwear has different requirements for body shape, height, and skin color. If these details do not pay attention to these details, it is easy to cause purchase failure.Therefore, before buying, you must learn more about different styles of sexy underwear, different fabrics and different functional characteristics, and choose according to your personal conditions.

Misunderstanding 4: Buy only once to try

After one purchase, many people think that the sexy lingerie is enough and no longer use it.However, sexy underwear is a kind of stimulating and pleasant experience product. If it is not good at a time, it does not mean that it will not be good next time.If you feel the quality of a sexy underwear is good, and it is very suitable for you. Why not buy a variety of attempts?

Misunderstanding 5: Buy the size casually

The biggest difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is its tightness. Many of the materials used in sex underwear are personal and very soft. Otherwise, it will weaken the stimulus of sexy underwear, so the size must be right.If the size is large, it will lose tightness and stimulation; if the size is small, it will easily lead to physical discomfort and friction, increase the wear and damage of the underwear, and choose the appropriate underwear size is guarantee.

Misunderstanding 6: Ignore the material

Materials are an important symbol of the quality of erotic underwear. The difference between different materials is not only the comfort and safety of wearing, but also neutrality and taste.Therefore, you must pay attention to the material before buying.It is best to choose materials with good breathability, high safety, and not stabbing the skin.

Misunderstanding 7: Ignoring after -sales protection

As a sex product, the quality of the product is very intuitive for the buyer’s experience.Therefore, please pay attention to after -sales protection when buying sexy underwear.If the quality of the product does not meet the standards or does not apply, we should have the right to maintain and accept good services.Understanding the specific details and policies of after -sales sales is very important for choosing sexy underwear.

Misunderstanding eight: online payment does not check security

For a long time, people have some concerns and doubts about paying online.Today, such concerns and doubts have gradually disappeared, and most people have accepted shopping online and paid shopping money.However, when paying, you must pay attention to the security issues paid online, as well as sellers’ after -sales service and evaluation.

Misunderstanding Nine: Buy only one store

The advantage of Taobao is the horizontal comparison. We can find a better and more worth buying goods by comparing the maintenance points, comments, and evaluation quantities of different stores.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, we must not just look at the products of one store. We should find a high -cost sexy underwear that meets our needs through comments and feedback from other consumers.

Misunderstanding 10: Taobao is a liar on Taobao

Although there are many scammers on Taobao, it is impossible to deny that Taobao has become one of the main channels for our purchase of goods. It is also a platform for many excellent brand products to promote and sell. In fact, most sellers are conscience sellers.They provide buyers with the most pleasant and comfortable shopping experience within the scope.

Conclusion: Protect yourself and buy rationally

Buying sexy underwear is also a kind of consumption behavior. We need to avoid greed for small and cheap. At the same time, we must pay attention to protecting our physical safety and personal information security. We should pay attention to changes in the after -sales policy on a regular basis to ensure our own shopping rights.Finally, buy rationally, according to actual needs and understanding of the product, choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

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