What should I do if I am embarrassed to dry in sexy underwear?

What should I do if I am embarrassed to dry in sexy underwear?

Many people may feel embarrassed about personal items like sex underwear and do not know how to dry.Some people may choose to dry on the underworld, but many people think that this will cause discomfort to family members.So, what should I do if the sexy lingerie is embarrassed?Here are several solutions for you.

Option 1: Choose a place far away from the crowd to dry

If you live in places with dense population such as apartments or communities, it is also a good choice to choose a place far away from the crowd.For example, in the leading garden, flower bed, corner of the balcony, or the lawn by the window, few people have passed by these places, and drying sexy underwear will also appear secret, reducing some embarrassment.

Option 2: Use the drying rod

If your home has a balcony or a laundry room, you can use the clothes drying rod to dry the sexy underwear.Hang a towel on the clothes rod, and hang the sexy underwear on the towel, so that you can ignore the existence of the clothes rod.At the same time, sexy underwear can air dry naturally, and there is no need to worry about leaving marks on the underwear rod.

Option 3: Use a special drying bag

Some sexy underwear brands will provide special drying bags for drying items.This bag can not only protect underwear, but also use it in washing machines or dryers.If you have a dryer at home, it is a good choice to use a dryer to dry it.You only need to put the sexy underwear in the drying bag, and then choose the mode of low temperature drying. It can be done in one hour, and it can also achieve the effect of sterilization.

Option 4: dry in the wardrobe

Falling the sexy underwear on the hanger at will, you may feel uncomfortable, but if you put it in the wardrobe, you can achieve relative privacy.You can hang some hams in the wardrobe, put sexy underwear on it, and put some bags in the wardrobe, which not only protects the underwear, but also hides the drying location.

Option 5: Use bamboo baskets

Bamboo baskets are used by many families for drying clothes. If you don’t know how to dry sex underwear, you can use the bamboo basket to dry.Putting the bamboo basket on the balcony and putting the sexy underwear in, not only can the underwear away from the danger of old and mildew, but also make the drying process more hidden.

Option 6: Use the plug to dry the drying device to dry

Plug drying device is a tool to facilitate family dressing, which can help you dry clothes quickly.However, if you choose to dry the sexy underwear, you need to be careful.Put the sexy underwear in the drying bag, and then hang it on the plug -in drying device, so that it can protect the underwear while maintaining concealment during the drying process.

Plan 7: Choose to win the drying underwear in time

If you want to dry the sexy underwear and do not let your family or neighbors see it, then the best way is to take off your underwear in time and clean it up, so that you will not leave any traces to prove that you have tanned underwear.

Option 8: Choose a separate room

If you have multiple rooms in your home, you can choose one of the rooms, and it is also a good choice as a place to dry the sexy underwear.If you have an independent cloakroom, it is even better.Just use ordinary drying racks.

Plan 9: Choose the top shop of the upper and lower shop to dry the underwear

If you have a bed with upper and lower paves at home, then the distance between the upper and lower paving is relatively long, and it is not easy to be discovered by others by accident.You can use the bedboard of the upper or lower pavement to dry the sexy underwear, which can not only ensure the concealment, but also make full use of the room space.

Option 10: Choose a bag with a hidden bag to dry

If the material you choose is softer or very easy to wrinkle, you can choose to use a hidden bag to dry.Put the underwear into the bag and hang it on the hanger. Even if someone sees the bag, it will not know what it is placed inside.

in conclusion

From the above analysis, it can be found that the embarrassing problem of sexy underwear is not solved.As long as you can understand the correct drying method and choose the right place, you can avoid embarrassment.If you still feel trouble, you can also choose to dry at night or in the morning, which can greatly reduce the probability of being discovered.

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