What name is good to open a sexy underwear shop?


Opening a messy underwear store has become a choice for more and more people, and it is one of the important steps for the store.A good store name can not only attract customers, but also shape the brand image, convey professionalism and sexuality.However, how do you choose a unique, remembered and good -minded shop name in front of many sexy underwear shops?The following are given suggestions from different perspectives.

Regional+sexy words

Combining the area with sexy words is a common way for many sexy underwear shops.For example, Shanghai’s "Sweet Snaps", "Flower Fragrance Dark Fragrance" and so on, such as diverse changes and distinctive characteristics.

Lark words or phrases

Choosing loud and interesting words or phrases as a store is also a good choice.Such as "crazy", "hot", "shock", "passion" and so on.

Target customers

Most of the customer groups faced by sexy underwear are young people, so you can choose more ambiguous and younger language named shops from this reality.For example, "Girl Heart", "Naughty Cat", "Little Wild Cat" and so on, which not only adds fun and easy to memory.

brand speciality

The brand’s characteristic sexy underwear store can be reflected in the store name, such as the brand characteristics of "sexy", "elegance", and "simplicity", such as "red lip sexy", "Yarran underwear", "simplicity solid color" ""etc.


Store names with a sense of rhythmic sense are easier to be remembered, because they can form a cycle in the human brain and increase memory.For example, "Simeng underwear", "Love Qu", "Dream Paradise", etc., have a strong sense of rhythm.

Funny humor

The funny and humorous store name can not only consume happily, but also be easily remembered and spread.Such as "sex experts", "hilarious underwear", "sex show", etc., which are humorous and interesting.

Special word

Special words can make the store name more unique, and can leave a deep impression in the impression of people.For example, "Xinxin New Language", "Yuan Lei", etc., cleverly combine Chinese and foreign language characteristics.


The professional sexy underwear store can be professional in the store name.For example, "Ruili Interests", "Badai Beauty underwear", etc., have both brand characteristics and highlighting professionalism.


In the era of globalization, multi -language store names have obvious advantages.For example, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, etc. can be considered.For example, "Angel’ s Desire "," Sexy Fashion "and so on have opened up a broader market.


In short, choosing a good store name is a very important step in the industry.The store name can not only affect your number of customers, but also create a positive impression for your brand image.The nine naming methods listed above are for reference only. You can name it according to your actual situation, but you should pay attention to the creativeness, remembrance, trademark registration and brand consistency of the store.

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