What kind of sexy underwear is wearing short?

Short people wear fun underwear needs special demand

Like clothing, choosing sexy underwear also needs to consider your body characteristics.For short women, because of his height, you need to pay special attention to some details in order to make you more beautiful and charming.Here are some suggestions for some short women to choose suitable sexy underwear.

To choose short design

For short women, it is more appropriate to choose short sexy underwear.Because this can not only make the shape look more slender, but also increase the height of the body.Women can choose a slightly shorter bray, little cute underwear, etc. This will be more conducive to the image improvement than the long design.

The personal style is more suitable for body figure

For short women, personal underwear styles are more suitable for you.Such a style can better fit the figure, emphasize the figure of women, and make women look more natural.And those loose styles will make the figure bloated and make the figure look shorter.

To choose the right size

Whether it is a short or high body, you need to pay attention to size problems when choosing sexy underwear.Choosing a size that suits you can better fit the figure and make the figure look more harmonious and wonderful.The size of too large or too small can cause uncomfortable dressing, and it will also affect the beauty of the figure.

Avoid choosing a matching color

For short women, you need to pay attention to the choice of color.I believe that many women know that the matching color can make the figure look taller.For short women, too strong contrasting color will make the figure look shorter.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose a closer color style to enhance the sense of height.

Choose a simple style

For short women, it is best to choose simple styles in the style of choosing sexy underwear.There are not too many fancy elements such a style, which can better highlight the body lines of women.And those with too many details and fancy designs will make the figure look extremely bloated.

The choice of bras is also critical

For short children, it is also important to choose the bra that suits you.Women can choose some bras with improved effects, so that they can better highlight the chest lines and make their figure look more upright and charming.And those bras with too many sponges or other filled materials will make the chest look too exaggerated and make the figure look awkward.

Choose fabrics soft and comfortable

Whether it is a short or high body, the choice of fabrics is also critical when choosing a style of sexy underwear.Women should choose some soft and comfortable fabrics, which will be more comfortable and will not have a lot of restraint when wearing.The sexy underwear of those hard fabrics makes people feel very awkward.

Avoid too much load -bearing styles

For short women, you can choose some lightweight sexy lingerie styles, instead of selecting those too much loading styles.Wearing these styles can make people feel very uncomfortable and make the figure very bloated.The lightweight style will not only make the body comfortable, but also highlight the beautiful lines of women.

Pay attention to the matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the problem.Women should choose the underwear style with their clothes.This can better integrate into the entire dress and make your image more neat and beautiful.

Suitable erotic underwear is not only beautiful but also helpful

A suitable sexy underwear can not only help women look more beautiful and charming, but also help protect physical health.When women choose sexy underwear, they must pay attention to some details of the above details so that they can live a more beautiful and healthy life.

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