What is the method of sexy underwear?

What is the method of sexy underwear?

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear refers to those underwear that can enhance women’s charm and make women more seductive. Such underwear usually mask incompleteness, and even deliberately expose some parts to attract people’s attention, such as lace, perspective, decorative buckle and other design elements.Sexy underwear is mostly used for flirting, dating, sex, and other occasions in lovers. Some women also wear such underwear on ordinary occasions to show their sexy, or wear for their own feelings.

2. Adult underwear

Adult underwear refers to those underwear that is more bold and open in design, usually exposed some private parts, or some sexual organ imitation of design elements.Most of these underwear are used in sex toy stores, and are usually used for sex between couples or sex games between the three.

3. Toys underwear

Toy underwear refers to those elements that have added sex toys to underwear, such as vibrators, handcuffs, and mouthball.This type of underwear is usually used in sex games, role -playing, SM and other fields.

4. Narrow underwear

Nature underwear is a kind of clothing that can simulate girls in infants and young children, such as rabbit ear, bow, lace edge, baby skirt and other elements. Such underwear is more popular in Japan.This kind of underwear can satisfy the childish psychology of some women, and can also stimulate the instinct of men to protect women.

5. Latin American underwear

Latin American underwear is derived from Latin culture. This kind of underwear is small, sexy, and cut with curves. It is usually T -shaped pants, swimsuits, low waist pants, etc., which are characterized by creating sexy hips and showing beautiful legs.Latin American underwear is very popular in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

6. Sweet fruit underwear

Sweet fruit underwear is a brand new underwear category that has appeared in recent years. The design is inspired by fruits, such as mango, strawberries, bananas, cherries, etc.This kind of underwear uses bright colors, bright patterns, and interesting design elements, which aims to evoke people’s perception of sweetness, chemical, and color, and satisfy the dual pleasure of vision and physiology.

7. Doll underwear

Doll underwear is a kind of sexy underwear introduced from Japan, which can bring strong sexual fantasy and impulse experience.This kind of underwear is designed like a doll. It is usually equipped with wigs, uniforms and doll eyes at the same time, which can stimulate people’s desire to protect and dominate and satisfy their special characteristics.

8. Through pants

The design of thongs is derived from a traditional swimsuit in Latin America. Later, it developed into a sexy underwear. It is characterized by a T -shaped design. There is only a thin piece on both sides to maximize the beauty of women.Through pants are very popular in many areas, and often expose points in nightclubs to make people look sexy.

9. pajamas

Pajamas refers to the underwear worn at night. Such underwear is usually soft and comfortable, soft in color, and smooth texture.There are many types of pajamas, including long, short, pure, sexy, and so on.Different pajamas are suitable for different occasions. It is important to choose pajamas that are suitable for your skin and temperament before and after waking up.

10. Body -shaping underwear

A bodywear refers to underwear that can make the body more perfect. Usually, tight design is used to shape all parts of the body into a perfect shape.The type of body is rich in underwear, including tight corset, plastic hip pants, body dress, etc., providing the best support and shaping for women’s figure.

in conclusion

In short, there are many types of sexy underwear, and different underwear suitable for different occasions and people.When buying underwear, you should choose underwear based on the characteristics of your body, skin texture, and wearing scenes.When wearing, we must also pay attention to the problems of hygiene, maintenance, and matching, and fully show the sexy charm of sexy lingerie.

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