What is the female model of sexy underwear?


Female models are essential elements in the promotion of sexy underwear.Their figure and the way of wearing erotic underwear directly affect consumers’ impression and willingness to buy sexy underwear.But do you know their names?

Leader: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is the most representative figure in Victoria’s Secret Model. It has led the Weimi Angel Corps for many years.Whether in the Victoria’s Secret Show or advertising, her body and temperament are perfect.In addition, she is one of the winners of the Cavaliers Medal of Culture and Fashion, Italian culture and fashion.

New superstar: Kendall Jenner

As the new superstar in the fashion industry, Kendall Jenner performed very well on the Victoria’s Secret Show.Her slender figure and sharp performance can interpret the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Gorgeous transformation: heidi klum

Since retiring, HEIDI Klum has become a close -up consultant of Victoria’s Secret, and her sexy underwear design every season has her participation.She is familiar with the characteristics of sexy underwear and the characteristics of women’s figure, so that Victoria’s sexy underwear meets the needs of consumers.

Never time: Alessandra Ambrosio

Although it has been retired, Alessandra Ambrosio can be said to be a model of sexy underwear models.She has a charming figure, and she is almost flawless. She is a representative figure of sexy underwear models.

Wei Mi Rookie: Gigi Hadid

As a rookie of Victoria, Gigi Hadid has been loved by the audience.She has both the sweet and pleasant image and a hot and sexy figure. It is even more amazing to wear sexy underwear.

Black Pearl: Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is another classic model of Victoria’s Secret.She has a slim figure, tall height and tough personality, and has become an important figure in the history of Victoria’s Secret.

Rose Classic: Gisele Bundchen

As a leader in the Victoria’s Secret Angel Corps, Gisele Bundchen once had the world’s tallest model salary record.Her long legs and sexy curves have become the role model for countless women.

Fashion Godfather: Jean-Paul Gaultier

As an important figure in the fashion industry, Jean-Paul Gaultier is also building a solid underwear design.He once designed sexy underwear for Victoria’s and Mary Daijia and other big brands, which is loved by consumers and industry insiders.

Domestic celebrity: He Sui

Interest underwear models are not limited to foreign countries, and domestic models also have good performance.As one of the hottest models in China, He Sui can also show a beautiful figure and charm in sexy underwear performances.


Interest underwear models are an indispensable composition in the promotion of sexy underwear.Their body and temperament became the representative of the image of sexy underwear.Whether it is foreign or domestic, behind every wonderful sexy lingerie show, there are these excellent sexy lingerie models.

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