What is the famous brand of sexy underwear shops nice?


Interest underwear is an important part of women’s daily wear.When choosing sexy underwear, many female friends are more willing to choose the current popular brand.So, which interest underwear brands are the most popular?here we come to find out.


"Victoria" refers to Victoria’s Secret, which is a well -known brand of sexy underwear and one of the brands that everyone around the world knows.Globally, the brand has always been known for its diverse, exquisite, high -quality, and cost -effective.Because of its novel design, it attracts many young women.

La Perla

La Perla can be said to be a "luxury brand" in sexy underwear. This brand focuses on making each woman feel unique and noble through exquisite handmade.La Perla’s sexy underwear is relatively high, but the quality is guaranteed.Many women with taste and pursuit of exquisite life will choose this brand.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear is undoubtedly the best in terms of brand diversity.Its erotic lingerie is comfortable and close, highly comfortable, and has good hygroscopic and breathability, which meets everyone’s wear needs.In addition, Calvin Klein has many years of history and has been endorsed by many famous stars.


Triumph is a very historic sexy lingerie brand. The brand was established in 1886 and has a high reputation in the global market.In terms of sexy lingerie categories, Triumph is mainly characterized by comfort and closeness, including branches, underwear, corset, vests, pajamas and other styles. It is a very comprehensive sexy lingerie brand.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur was founded in the 1990s. The brand integrates luxury and sexy, suitable for women who are eager to try new things.The brand admires individuality and uniqueness, so it is also a very popular brand in the market.In addition, the brand’s product quality and design can be guaranteed.


The role of Calzedonia in sexy underwear is comfortable and fashionable. This brand may not be the most expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.For ordinary consumer women, this is a very good choice. Its design style is also sampled, which can meet different wear needs.


ETAM is a good quality and moderate sexy underwear brand.In addition to being loved by female consumers, it also attracted the attention of the media with the launch of children’s erotic underwear.In addition, as a brand that abandoned stereotypes, ETAM also launched a special rainbow sexy underwear, bringing more choices to consumers.


Oysho is an increasingly popular sexy underwear brand. It is committed to providing high -quality sexy underwear, and the design is also very novel.Oysho’s items are also full of concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development, and have high credibility among consumers.


Chantelle is a brand founded in 1886. It has a rich historical and cultural connotation and has always had a high reputation.In terms of erotic underwear categories, the brand has launched quite a lot of different styles, including various design elements such as knitted, lace, and perspective, which basically meets the needs of different consumers.


Hunkemoller is a Dutch brand’s sexy underwear brand, and its products are widely welcomed.Hunkemoller is committed to providing high -quality, fashionable sexy underwear, and also provides customers with a variety of choices.In addition, this brand has unique experience in the design and production of the bra, allowing women to experience a more professional dressing experience.

in conclusion

The above are some well -known sexy underwear brands. Different brands have different characteristics and advantages. Consumers need to choose from personal needs and preferences when buying sexy underwear.The most important thing is to ensure the comfort of sexy underwear. If you can take care of attractiveness and fashion at the same time, it is of course a good choice.

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