What is the eye mask of sexy underwear?

What is the eye mask of sexy underwear

Interest underwear usually refers to those underwear with sexy, teasing, seductive functions.And the eye mask of sexy underwear, as the name suggests, is a kind of erotic props used to cover the eyes.In sex, SM and other scenarios, the use of eye masks can play a good stimulus.Different from traditional sleeping eye masks, sexy lingerie eye masks will pay more attention to sexy and gender attractiveness.

Eye mask role

The main role of the eye mask is to cover the eyes, that is, to make the wearer unable to see the environment and characters around him.This feeling can make people feel safer and relaxed, and improve the sensitivity of other feelings.In sex and SM sex scenes, the use of eye masks can make the wearer feel that she is in a state of control, and has a feeling of being concerned, expecting, and longing.

Type of eye mask

There are many different types of erotic underwear eye masks.The most common of them are leather eye masks, silk eye masks, cotton eye masks and so on.Leather eye masks have extremely high sexuality and wild sexy, while silk eye masks pay more attention to soft feel and comfort, and it is very comfortable to use.Some high -end brand eye masks also have some special designs, such as lace -to -edge design, crystal decoration, ribbon and so on.

How to use eye masks

It is very simple to use the eye mask, just need to wear it in the right position on the head.Because the eye mask usually does not have any loose materials, be careful not to tie it too tightly when wearing an eye mask, so as not to cause discomfort to the head.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the physical condition of the wearer during sex to ensure the safety of the body and adjust the way and strength of sex according to the actual situation.

Eye mask effect

Eye masks are a visual barrier, which can make the wearer feel more mysterious and sexy.In sexy underwear, SM and other scenarios, the use of eye masks can play a good role in disturbing the senses.In the absence of visual interference, the other sensory of the wearer’s body will become more sensitive, and at the same time, it will increase the stimulation of sexy underwear interaction.

Pay attention to the problem when using eye masks

When using eye masks, pay attention to the physical safety of the wearer.At a critical moment, the wearer cannot be too disturbed or disgusting because of the effect of the eye mask.In addition, the feelings and needs of different people are different, so both men and women need to fully communicate and negotiate to achieve the best experience.

Eye mask and SM of sexy underwear

The two concepts of sex underwear and SM are closely linked.In the SM sex scene, the use of eye masks is crucial.In some SM sex games, eye masks are a very common SM prop.When formulating game rules and set punishment, eye masks often appear as a spur.The wearer does not know what kind of ending the wrong action will bring in the next step. This feeling will make the situation extremely intense.

Interests of eye masks and health problems of sexy underwear

The eye mask of sexy underwear is a sexual health product, so it needs to follow certain use standards.The quality of the material is needed to strictly control the materials during manufacturing and design, so as not to affect physical health due to chemical ingredients or allergens.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of the props and avoid multiple people to avoid the colonial group.

How to choose a eye mask that suits you

There are many factors that need to be considered when buying eye masks.Different types of eye masks are suitable for different people and different scenes.You can choose an eye mask that suits you according to your needs.If you need to emphasize sexuality and temperament, it is a good choice to choose a leather or silk eye mask.If you need comfort, you can choose a cotton eye mask.

The price range of the eye mask

The price range of the eye mask of sex underwear is relatively large. Depending on the brand, materials and functions, the price will change.Generally speaking, a classic and popular brand eye mask is about 50 yuan; some brands with special design may be higher, even more than 500 yuan.


Interesting underwear’s eye masks are a more common and popular sex prop.Using it can stimulate physical senses and feelings, enjoy freshness, passion, and fierce effects.However, in use, you also need to pay attention to the health, safety problems of the wearer, otherwise, otherwise it will affect the quality and effect of the whole sexual activity.

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