What is a little dwarf?

Why can’t short people wear fun underwear?

Many women are worried that they are short, and wearing sexy underwear will appear shorter.In fact, these concerns can be avoided.Although the tall figure is the ideal state of the model, most people are not the case, and the skills of wearing are very important.

For short women, which kind of sexy underwear is the most suitable?

For short women, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear.First of all, be careful not to choose the style that is too lower in the crotch line to avoid shortening the proportion of the legs.Secondly, choosing underwear with high waist or waist lines is more in line with the body proportion.In addition, the bright colors and layered design in the style can make the figure more slender and more fashionable.

What erotic underwear should be avoided?

Some erotic underwear, such as a large amount of lace style or tight underwear too covered with, should be avoided by short women.These will make the figure look more compressed and make you look like "butterfly ball".

How to choose the right size?

It is important to choose underwear suitable for your own size.For short children, choosing the right size can highlight its own curve.Excessive or small underwear can make the body ratio more uncoordinated and affect the visual effect.

How to wear sexy underwear high?

When wearing sexy underwear, it is also important to choose the right matching accessories.For example, choosing high -heeled shoes and NUDE color shoes can effectively stretch the leg lines and make the height look higher.In addition, choosing accessories with different colors and different materials can also make the figure more slender.

What should I do if my chest is small?

For short children with small chests, it is better to choose some sexy underwear with filling or restraint effects.These underwear can not only optimize the shape of the chest, but also effectively stretch the upper body lines to make the height ratio more coordinated.

Which colors are suitable for short wearing?

For short women, white, black, and Nude are more suitable for colors.The light color can form a clear sense of layering. Black and Nude colors can stretch high lines to make the visual effect more harmonious.At the same time, you can also choose some bright colors based on your personal temperament.

How to choose sexy underwear wide shoulders?

For women with wide shoulders, choosing a deep V lotus leaf edge and shiny design can well modify the shoulder line and reduce the visual effect of wide shoulder.In addition, choosing a smaller underwear to make the chest more visually prominent, and it will also effectively change the lines of wide shoulders.

How to choose sexy underwear?

For women with full body, choosing a large area of meat will make the body more heavy and unfavorable to the body.Therefore, a highly wrapped underwear style is a more suitable choice.In addition, choosing accessories such as metal rods or hair hoop can effectively highlight the chest lines and enhance the overall sense of fashion.

In general, what small skills can make short women wearing sexy underwear more beautiful?

Overall, choose a suitable underwear size that is suitable for your own. The style should be relatively simple to avoid excessive complex details and patterns.When matching, selecting to optimize the curve or increase the sense of accessories can increase the body to a higher level.In addition, it is also important to choose suitable and often wear on the day.

in conclusion

Short women can choose the proportional defects by choosing a suitable sexy underwear, wearing self -confidence and charm.In addition to paying attention to the choice of style and size, you can also choose the appropriate matching accessories to highlight your sense of fashion.Don’t worry too much about your body proportions are not coordinated. As long as you master the wearing skills, short women can still wear temperament and beauty.

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